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Flog, a New Git Branch extension

Flog, a New Git Branch extension

Gave this talk at the Vimberlin March 2019 meetup https://vimberlin.de/march-2019-meetup/


Matthias Günther

March 29, 2019


  1. vim-flog Matthias Günther

  2. Features find and checkout Branches (with autocompletion) explore history

  3. Custom mappings normally ZZ to close windows I prefer pressing

    q: augroup flog au FileType git map <buffer><silent>q :bw<cr> au FileType floggraph map <buffer><silent>q :bw<cr> augroup END
  4. Configs change display format of git messages: let g:flog_default_date_format =

    'format:%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'
  5. Get all commits concerning a file :Flog -path=archive.md

  6. Comparison to gitv only necessary features loads fast has API

    to be able to easy add new features
  7. References: https://github.com/rbong/ vim-flog https://medium.com/@r.l.bongers/announcing-flog-a- new-git-branch-viewer-for-vim-from-the-former- maintainer-of-gitv-e9db68977810