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Vimfest Berlin 2016 is the second community-driven Vim "Hackathon", happening the weekend of 16 – 18 September at Individual Network Berlin e.V. in Berlin, organized by the Vim Berlin user group and Vim enthusiasts from other cities.


Matthias Günther

September 16, 2016


  1. Vimfest 2016 2016/09/16

  2. A big thank you I @tqmz for hosting the website

    and creative input @guckes for feedback and bringing things forward
  3. A big thank you II Individual Network Berlin e.V. and

    you for being here
  4. Day 1: Hacking work on your own projects, tasks, challenges

    get to know each other
  5. Day 2: Talks, Tools, Questions listen to talks explain your

    tools + workflows questions about your issues
  6. Day 3: Hacking + Closing work again on your own

    projects present what you have learned
  7. One special thing … vim 8.0

  8. Bram Moolenar will joins us on Saturday what’s new in

    Vim 8.0 prepare your questions
  9. Justin M. Keyes will join us on Saturday main contributor

    of Neovim
  10. Social I chat: https://gitter.im/ vimberlin/vimfest twitter: @vim_fest hashtags: #vimfest, #vimberlin

  11. Social II titanpad: https:// events.titanpad.com/2016- vimfest homepage: vimfest.org agenda: vimfest.org/

  12. Social III @wikimatze will interview some of you about vim

  13. Enjoy and learn new things @