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Open Access: A year of progress #OSS12

1234f1a875369df95753efe40ee9471c?s=47 William Gunn
October 19, 2012

Open Access: A year of progress #OSS12

Slides from my talk on Open Access for Open Science Summit 2012.


William Gunn

October 19, 2012

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  1. Open Science: A year of progress William Gunn, Ph.D. Head

    of Academic Outreach @mrgunn
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  3. The Cost of Knowledge 13K signed

  4. None
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  6. Tools of scientific discovery Clean energy Clean water Sustainable food

    supplies Pandemic diseases Terrorist violence Climate change US National Academies “Grand Challenges”: Artificial Intelligence
  7. “The state of knowledge of the human race is sitting

    in the scientists’ computers, and is currently not shared […] We need to get it unlocked so we can tackle those huge problems.” A Big Problem
  8. ...and aggregates research data in the cloud Mendeley extracts research

    data… Mendeley makes science more collaborative and transparent: Install Mendeley Desktop
  9. ..helps researchers work smarter ..makes science more collaborative and transparent

    ..is creating a massive open database of research Tools of scientific discovery Mendeley...
  10. 300 million documents uploaded 2.0 million users Cambridge Stanford University

    MIT Imperial College London University of Oxford Harvard University University of Michigan University College London University of California at Berkeley Columbia University
  11. It’s Open! http://www.isitopendata.org/enquiry/view/43bcbda2-30ef-486b-9c52-4378ede75c7d/

  12. Mashups with data on: Chemical compounds Locations Alzheimer’s research Grant

    funding Twitter streams Open API
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  17. Quantity Quality What’s Next?

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  19. We didn’t see that a target is more likely to

    be validated if it was reported in ten publications or in two publications NATURE REVIEWS DRUG DISCOVERY 10, 712 (SEPTEMBER 2011)
  20. Either the results were reproducible and showed transferability in other

    models, or even a 1:1 reproduction of published experimental procedures revealed inconsistencies between published and in-house data NATURE REVIEWS DRUG DISCOVERY 10, 712 (SEPTEMBER 2011)
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  23. Select relation: supports refutes complements uses same data ... Human-curated,

    constantly evolving, linked scientific database
  24. www.mendeley.com