In Data We Trust

C8eedb2bca5728f0f73294b5b5a0222e?s=47 Carol Willing
September 24, 2018

In Data We Trust

Keynote for NumFOCUS Summit. A look at Open Source in Data Science and Scientific Computing with a focus on sustaining the labor and infrastructure necessary and innovating future uses. The work of three economists, Jean Tirole, Elinor Ostrom, and Eric von Hippel, lends insights to the new paradigm of information and data driven economies.


Carol Willing

September 24, 2018


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    Insights from Economics @WillingCarol Jean Tirole Common Good Elinor Ostrom

    Sustainability and the Commons Eric Von Hippel Open Innovation
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    Knowledge as a Commons Elinor Ostrom 2009 Nobel Prize in

    Economics @WillingCarol Sustaining without Tragedy
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 Complex systems Self organized communities Rules need to fit

    the socio-economic context @WillingCarol Conditions, Community, Rules
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    Create new products and services (Business) Improve lifelong learning for

    all (Academia) Prevent or cure Alzheimers (Research) @WillingCarol We must challenge ourselves Sustaining is not enough to...
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