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Crescent Street Bike Lane Presentation

Crescent Street Bike Lane Presentation

Alexa Jakob

June 13, 2022

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  1. OVERVIEW I. Bike Lanes as Network II. Role of Bike

    Lanes in Street Safety III. Bike Lanes as Gentrification Harbinger
  2. A LARGE NETWORK 773,000 New Yorkers ride a bicycle regularly,

    with over 530,000 cycling trips a day 1,375 miles of bike lanes in NYC – the most in the country! Varying levels of protection
  3. UNLIKE OTHER NETWORKS “endowed with modernity's technological networks, the urban

    fabric became a nexus of entry-exit points for a myriad of interconnected circuits and conduits” (Kaika 28)
  4. NETWORK AGENCY? Is this network responsible for people’s deaths or

    injuries while using it? Do our streets absolve themselves of responsibility for the safety of cyclists, motorists? How much agency can we assign to inanimate infrastructure?
  5. ETHICAL ISSUES Transit justice, gender justice, racial justice, climate justice:

    whose deaths are acceptable? Which areas should be prioritized vs deprioritized? The bicycle as mode of transportation, rather than leisure or lifestyle preference: how to prioritize it, or at least value it as much as driving?
  6. GENTRIFICATION “difficult for delivery vans to serve our families in

    Astoria” “our city should have compassion for the many families who lack the financial means to afford a driveway” “As a community, we ought to stand in solidarity; we must make it clear to city leaders when new transportation initiatives are hurting New Yorkers.”
  7. KEY TAKEAWAYS Technological drama! Bike lanes are future-looking and collective

    infrastructure Unique porosity of bike lanes compared to other networks Choices in street design reflect societal values