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Exploring WooCommerce

Exploring WooCommerce

A look into the extendability of WooCommerce

Caleb Burks

July 18, 2015

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  1. INTRODUCTION ▸ Caleb Burks ▸ WC Ninja at Automattic ▸

    Loves Gummy Bears ▸ Tweets at @WPprodigy
  2. WHAT IS WOOCOMMERCE? A good developer solves problems, a great

    developer solves problems with the tools he already has. — Someone Smart WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything. Beautifully.
  3. STEP TWO: FIND THE TOOLS WooCommerce is great for selling

    physical and downloadable products out of the box, but what if your client needs: ▸ Subscriptions? ▸ Memberships? ▸ Ticketing?
  4. CASE STUDY #1 Name: Lemonade Stand Needs: Basic physical products

    with multiple options Solution: WooCommerce Variable Products
  5. CASE STUDY #2 Name: Taylor Swift Song Album Needs: Multiple

    products grouped together Solution: WooCommerce Product Bundles
  6. QUICK COMPARISONS ▸ Grouped Products Perfect for letting a customer

    add several similar products from a range to their cart in one go and is included in WooCommerce core. ▸ Chained Products Ideal if you want to gift customers product x & y when they purchase product z.
  7. QUICK COMPARISONS ▸ Force Sells Used to link ‘required’ products

    together such as a service and a part. ▸ Product Bundles Ideal for creating product Kits, Assemblies or Combos where the bundled products are static properties of the Bundle and then (optionally) sold at a discounted price.
  8. CASE STUDY #3 Name: Computer Store Needs: Configure multiple parts

    conditionally based on user selections Solution: WooCommerce Composite Products
  9. SCENARIO EXAMPLES ▸ If X is chosen, Y is not

    available When a Retina Screen is chosen, only make 256 and 512gb hard drives available. ▸ If X is not chosen, Y is available. When a Mac is not chosen, all PC parts available.
  10. CASE STUDY #4 Name: Bed and Breakfast Needs: Allow online

    room reservations Solution: WooCommerce Bookings
  11. CASE STUDY #5 Name: Magazine Service Needs: Physical and Digital

    Magazine Subscriptions Solution: WooCommerce Subscriptions
  12. IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE ▸ Manual or Automatic Renewals ▸

    Choosing a Payment Gateway ▸ One Subscription Per Order (for now)