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Install WordPress In a Sub Domain

WP Slides
November 23, 2012

Install WordPress In a Sub Domain

Learn how to create a sub domain and install WordPress in it using Simple Scripts.

WP Slides

November 23, 2012

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  1. Install WordPress in a SubDomain Learn how to create a

    sub domain and install WordPress automatically in that location 1 http://wpslides.net
  2. Login To Your cPanel Account 2 http://wpslides.net

  3. Scroll Down To The Domains Section & Click On Sub

    Domains 3 http://wpslides.net
  4. Enter a Name for Your Sub Domain (Like Blog) &

    Click Create 4 http://wpslides.net
  5. Sub Domain Created - Click cPanel 5 http://wpslides.net

  6. Scroll Down To Software/Services & Click Simple Scripts 6 http://wpslides.net

  7. Scroll Down To The Script List & Click On WordPress

    7 http://wpslides.net
  8. Click Install 8 http://wpslides.net

  9. Step 1. Select The Sub Domain You Created From The

    Drop Down 9 http://wpslides.net
  10. Steps 2-4. Enter a Name, Deselect Plugins & Themes and

    Click Install 10 http://wpslides.net
  11. Check Directory Exists & Install WordPress 11 http://wpslides.net

  12. WordPress Successfully Installed In Your Sub Domain 12 http://wpslides.net