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Import Live Journal Blog To WordPress

WP Slides
November 24, 2012

Import Live Journal Blog To WordPress

Learn how to easily install the WordPress Live Journal Importer plugin and import your posts to WordPress.

WP Slides

November 24, 2012

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  1. Import Blog From Live Journal To WordPress Learn how to

    use the Live Journal Importer plugin to move content to WordPress 1 http://wpslides.net
  2. In Your WordPress Dashboard Go To Tools, Import & Click

    LiveJournal http://wpslides.net 2
  3. Install, Activate & Run The Live Journal Importer Plugin http://wpslides.net

  4. Enter Your LiveJournal Username & Password and Click Import http://wpslides.net

  5. Import Successful http://wpslides.net 5

  6. Check That Your Posts Have Been Imported http://wpslides.net 6