What is Rust?

What is Rust?

You may have seen Rust on Hacker News, Reddit or Twitter, but what is all the hype about? With Rust just recently having become stable, now’s a great time to learn more about this emerging language that is taking on old stalwarts like C++ without giving up on the expressiveness of higher level languages.

In this talk, Yehuda will talk about Rust’s ownership system, which provides automatic memory management without paying the runtime cost of a garbage collector or reference counting. Instead, Rust guarantees, at compile time, that your program will never segfault. Learn how that can work, and how the same approach makes your Rust code remarkably resilient against memory leaks.

Whether you’re a grizzled systems programmer or a dynamic language programmer looking to dip your toe in, this talk will have something for you.


Yehuda Katz

April 07, 2015