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EmberCamp London Keynote: Building Production-Grade Web Apps Fast

EmberCamp London Keynote: Building Production-Grade Web Apps Fast

Yehuda Katz

October 29, 2015

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  1. Building
    Web Apps Fast

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  3. Sometimes I read this stuff and I’m
    just stunned by the pessimism in it.
    I’m just stunned by how much people
    feel like nothing is ever going to work
    Meanwhile, we have blog posts and
    feature articles that are getting
    literally millions of views from people
    they never could have reached before.
    I’m super excited. I think other people
    should be a little more excited, too.

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  4. Their products have no sort of spirit
    of enlightenment about them.
    And the sad part is that most
    customers don’t have a lot of that
    spirit either.
    But the way that we're gonna ratchet
    up our species is to take the best and
    to spread it around to everybody.
    So that everybody grows up with
    better things and starts to understand
    the subtlety of these better things.

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  5. Don't Surrender

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  6. Build Things That
    Empower People

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  13. Small, Ambitious Teams

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  14. Show, Don't Tell

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  19. Integrated

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  21. run here

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  22. run here
    get data from here

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  23. emberaddons.com

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  26. 2016?
    • Glimmer 2
    • FastBoot™
    • Engines

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  29. Build Higher

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  30. Thank You

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