Abstracting databases access in Titanium Mobile

D219d638498612dc190342584a0b1149?s=47 Xavier Lacot
November 15, 2011

Abstracting databases access in Titanium Mobile

Mobile applications often need to manipulate data in databases: news, contents, user preferences, etc. Titanium Mobile proposes a complete API, allowing to create databases and manipulate their content, but this module remains low level, as it does not offer the abstraction provided by ORMs (Object Relational Mappers).

This session introduces, through concrete examples, the advantages provided by the use of database abstraction tools.

It will list the available javascript ORMs on the market, depicting their differences, and will focus on joli.js, the lightweight still complete ORM published by the speaker. The attendees will learn how to take the best out of this ORM, will be taught about its useful querying model, and will learn how to extend it.

As a conclusion, a simple web services consumer extension of joli.js will be presented, which allows to consume web services and put their responses in a database through the very same API as joli.js.


Xavier Lacot

November 15, 2011