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Lessons and learns from migration CakePHP1.x

Yusuke Ando
September 01, 2012

Lessons and learns from migration CakePHP1.x


Yusuke Ando

September 01, 2012

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  1. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) CandyCane $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) Lessons and learns

    from migration to CakePHP2 from CakePHP1.x https://github.com/yandod/candycane
  2. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) what’s CandyCane the reason of migration things

    to be done conclusion $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) Agenda
  3. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) CakePHP port of Redmine started since April

    2009 v0.9-RC 45-seconds install i18n ready easy of develop plugin Facebook connectivity 27+ contributors CandyCane $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando)
  4. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) 29 Controller 63 Model 219 View 76

    Element $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) Amount of code. By ShutterBugChef at Flickr
  5. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •performance (40%+) drop PHP4 support, lazy load

    •more features PHPUnit, JsonView, Theme, Email •more flexibility Event handling, I18n, plugin $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) CakePHP2 gives you
  6. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •Theme can swap specific view file. •Also

    can swap assets file. •use default file if file isn’t in theme. •only need to create particular file. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) Theme app/View/Themed/fest/Home/index.ctp or app/View/Home/index.ctp $this->theme = ‘fest’; $this->render(‘Home/index’);
  7. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •rename files and directories •core.php / index.php

    / .htaccess •CakeRequest •cakeError •remove deprecated functions •Component •ThemeView •AjaxHelper $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) things to be done
  8. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •Upgrade Shell take care almost all. •File

    name match with class name. app/Controller/FooController.php •consider sub directories in Elements: app/View/Elements/subdir/foo.ctp •make sure your dev environment. OS X (later Lion) and Win are case INSENSITIVE $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) rename
  9. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •core.php •index.php •.htaccess •copy original file into

    your app. •reconfigure what you need. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) configs
  10. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •must handle request with new way. $BLF'FTUYusuke

    Ando (@yando) CakeRequest $this->request->data $this->request->query $this->request->pass $this->request->named $this->data $this->params[‘url’] $this->params[‘pass’] $this->params[‘named’]
  11. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •throw CakeException for Error. •grep cakeError() •give

    status code as parameter. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) CakeError throw new CakeException(“User not found”,404); $this->cakeError(“error404”);
  12. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •getMicrotime() •e() •r() •a() •aa() •up() •low()

    •params() •ife() •uses() $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) no more shortcuts
  13. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •now Component has super class. •fit constructor

    as super class. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) Component class FooComponent { } class FooComponent extends Component { }
  14. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •standard View now supports theme. •use standard

    view class. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) ThemeView // no code required $viewClass = ‘Theme’;
  15. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) •AjaxHelper is removed. •use JSHelper •some method

    are incompatible. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) AjaxHelper
  16. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) Migration to 2.x from 1.x is PAIN.

    2.x comes with great feature. Profits over PAIN. $BLF'FTUYusuke Ando (@yando) Lessons.