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Should I use a CMS or a Framework?

Should I use a CMS or a Framework?

In this presentation, Yann Larrivée, will explain the differences between a CMS and a development framework.

You will discover for witch type of project you should use them, who should use them, what criteria you should have when selecting a tool.

Yann Larrivée

October 04, 2013

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  1. http://foolab.ca @foolabca Should I choose a CMS or Framework? PHP

    South Africa, Cape Town – October 4, 2013
  2. A typical project • Your boss has an idea •

    Choose the technologies • Does it make sense
  3. Yann Larrivée • Developer, consultant & manager at FooLab •

    I specialize in project rescue • Writing a book: 10 warning signs in IT projects. Y
  4. My objectives • Give an overview of different tools •

    Help managers and developers make a informed technological choice
  5. CMS • Content management system • Pre-built home • Comes

    with different modules (rooms) • Hard to convert into a shopping mall
  6. CMS - Advantages • Easy to install and configure •

    Easy to create content • Answers most common web editorial needs • Many downloadable plugins and modules • Big community of developers • Quick results
  7. CMS - Disadvantages • Based on old technologies • Poor

    security because it's popular • Poor architecture and quality because it needs to be generic • Usually slow under heavy traffic
  8. DMS - Advantages • Document versioning • Document forking •

    Advanced editing workflow • Not limited to web • Can be accessed by web service • Easy to understand • Edit document with familiar tools (Word)
  9. DMS - Disadvantages • Poor performance • Complex to implement

    • Relies on proprietary Oracle, MSSQL • Can be costly
  10. CMF - Advantages • Initial building blocks • Most problem

    solved (Content, Search, Blocks, Blog, Media) • Based on new technology • Programmer friendly
  11. CMF - Disadvantages • Fairly new technology • Harder to

    sell to your boss & client • Slower results than standard CMS
  12. Frameworks - Advantages • Flexible • Extensible • Fresh code

    that meets your requirements • Great code quality • Provides standards to write code, making it more structured • You are the master
  13. Frameworks - Disadvantages • You have to code most features

    • Require skilled developers • Third party modules can be low quality
  14. Choosing the technology • What are you trying to achieve?

    • What kind of performance to you need? • What do you master? • Is paid support important? • What level of control do you need over your code?
  15. Presentation take- away • Don't listen to people on the

    Internet • Use a CMS to manage static content • Use a CMF for complex needs • Use a DMS to manage word documents and media files • Use a Framework for complex business apps • Use what you know
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