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Assistant - Google I/O 2019 Extended

Assistant - Google I/O 2019 Extended

This is a summary slides about Google Assistant announced at Google I/O 2019.

Yoichiro Tanaka

May 18, 2019

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  1. Yoichiro Tanaka Software Engineer / IT Architect Google Developers Expert

    (Assistant, Web) twitter.com/yoichiro google.com/+YoichiroTanaka
  2. 8 → 30 languages 14 → 80 countries The Assistant

    went global (up from last year).
  3. "Hey Google, let's drive" Driving mode brings a user many

    things, which the user may do during driving a car.
  4. Web developers can analyze the web site's flow for Duplex

    on the web and can issue a test account on Search Console.
  5. "Google Home Hub" rebrands as "Nest Hub". Nest Hub will

    sale some countries including Japan!
  6. 10 inch display with Camera Face Match with Camera Operate

    by Gesture with Camera Video Call with Google Duo $229 this summer on US, UK, AU Nest Hub Max
  7. For action developers If you are a... • Content Owner

    • Android app developer • Hardware developer • Innovator in the Conversational space Markup, Template, Mini-apps App Actions Smart Home Conversation Actions, Interactive Canvas
  8. <script type="application/ld+json"> { "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "HowTo", "name": "How to

    Install a Dog Door", "description": "...easy instructions on how to install a dog door...", "step": [ { "@type": "HowToStep", "name": "Remove Screen Door", "image": "https://diy.snding.com/content/...", "text": "Remove the screen door from the door frame...", "url": "https://www.diynetwork.com/.../install-a-dog-door#step1" }, ... ] } </script> When writing a metadata with "HowTo" type defined by schema.org,
  9. but it also will be shown on Smart Display as

    well. If clicking the "Start tutorial" button, the instruction is started.
  10. In addition, if you have a video to instruct something,

    you can change it to the instruction content.
  11. When defining each step with title, description and video timestamp

    on Google Sheets and uploading it to AoG console,
  12. "Mini-apps are a new capability on Search and the Assistant

    that enable you all to engage users with interactive flows and live content right on each surface." ~ Allen Harvey, Google
  13. Interactive & Rich Live content Mini-apps are: • Can provide

    Interactive and Rich Live content as each Search Result. • Can build Mini-apps with Web Technology including HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  14. "name": "Google I/O Mini-app" "description": "A Hello World Mini-app" "company":

    "Google" "url": "www.google.com" ... "supportedLanguages": ["en"] "supportedRegions": ["US"] "webhook": "https://mywebhook.example.com/mini-app Create the app configuration
  15. <button text="Update"> <on-click:event-handler> <intent name="HelloWorldconfirmation"> <arg name="InputName" /> </intent> </on-click:event-handler>

    </button> Choose from a library of UI Components • Text • Carousel • Chip • Button • Image • etc.
  16. We have a integration way with Cloud-to-Cloud path. Now, we

    will a new way with Local Home SDK as well.
  17. Local Home SDK brings a new capability to control each

    device from the code deployed in the Google Home directly.
  18. Canvas is a framework that allows developers to add a

    visual, immersive experience to conversational Actions.
  19. Design and Build Actions For designing and building your actions:

    • Prototyping Voice Experiences: Design Sprints for the Google Assistant • Intro to the Google Assistant: Build Your First Action • 10 Best Practices for High Quality Actions • Let’s Talk: Designing Quality Conversations for the Google Assistant
  20. Smart Home For building Smart Home actions: • Smart Home

    101: How to Develop for the Connected Home • Local Technologies for the Smart Home • Tools for Building Better Smart Home Actions
  21. Search and Assistant For providing your contents : • Create

    App-like Experiences on Google Search and the Google Assistant • Enhance Your Search and Assistant Presence with Structured Data
  22. Smart Display For adjusting your actions for Smart Display: •

    What’s New in the Google Cast SDK • Build Interactive Games for the Google Assistant • Voice and Visual: How to Build Actions for Smart Displays and More Devices
  23. Others • Reach the Next Billion Users with Your Actions

    for the Google Assistant • How We Built the Google Assistant Sandbox Demos (And How You Can Too) • Data and Insights to Build for the Digital Assistant Era