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VUIが作る未来 〜 NEM9

VUIが作る未来 〜 NEM9

Googleアシスタントを利用可能なデバイスの数は、10億を超えました。皆さんの身近な存在であるGoogleアシスタントは、VUI(Voice User Interface)という新しい体験を人々に提供します。VUIは、コンピュータの使い方を大きく変え、そして人々の生活をより豊かにすることが期待されています。この講演では、VUIやGoogleアシスタントがどのように人々の暮らしを変えようとしているのか、そしてそのエコシステムに参加するにはどうすれば良いのか、といったことをお話いたします。


Yoichiro Tanaka

April 20, 2019

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  1. Yoichiro Tanaka Software Engineer / IT Architect Google Developers Expert

    (Assistant, Web) twitter.com/yoichiro google.com/+YoichiroTanaka
  2. I believe that many developers will start building great actions

    from today in Niigata! http://www.city.niigata.lg.jp/shisei/gaiyo/profile/siseigaiyou.images/niigatacitykusatsu.jpg
  3. We almost don't use ears and mouse. If they are

    available against computers...
  4. 8 → 30 languages 14 → 80 countries The Assistant

    went global (up from last year).
  5. "active users of the Google Assistant grew four times over

    the past year. By the end of this month, we expect the Google Assistant to be available on one billion devices, up from 500 million last May." Here’s how the Google Assistant became more helpful in 2018
  6. Google Assistant is in many devices including Android, iOS, PCs,

    TVs, Cars, Headphones, Watches and Speakers. devices where Google Assistant lives. 1B
  7. Google Home Hub becomes a hub for all IoT devices

    and an entrance for communication.
  8. Order a hamburger. Is that a small, medium or large?

    User Your Service Is that a small, medium or large?
  9. Developers can write a fulfillment code with the actions on

    google nodejs library. 'use strict'; const { dialogflow } = require('actions-on-google'); const functions = require('firebase-functions'); const app = dialogflow({ debug: true }); app.intent('Default Welcome Intent', conv => { conv.close('Hello, world.'); }); export.fulfillment = functions.https.onRequest(app);
  10. Order a hamburger. Is that a small, medium or large?

    User Your Service Is that a small, medium or large?
  11. app.intent('Order Hamburger', conv => { conv.ask('Is that a small, medium

    or large?'); }); You can implement your fulfillment code easily.
  12. What is conversation design? Learn about conversation How do I

    get started? Is conversation the right fit? Who are your users? Who is your persona? Draft a conversation Design for multiple devices Style guide Conversational components Error handling Visual components https://designguidelines.withgoogle.com/conversation
  13. app.intent('Start Signin', conv => { conv.ask(new SignIn('To get your account

    details')) }) app.intent('Get Signin', (conv, params, signin) => { if (signin.status === 'OK') { const payload = conv.user.profile.payload conv.ask(`I got your account details, ${payload.name}. What do you want to do next?`) } else { conv.ask(`I won't be able to save your data, but what do you want to do next?`) } })
  14. +

  15. Google Cloud Platform Android, Google Play, Web, etc. Assistant SDK

    Actions on Google Smart-(phones | watches | speakers | earphones | tvs), PCs, Cars SDKs for Actions, Actions API, Assistant API, Home Graph API Dialogflow
  16. We just have been starting building an ecosystem of the

    Google Assistant. We need your cooperations.