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Actions on Google Overview

Actions on Google Overview

Google Developers ML Summit

Yoichiro Tanaka

December 14, 2018

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  1. Yoichiro Tanaka Software Engineer / IT Architect Google Developers Expert

    (Assistant, Web) twitter.com/yoichiro google.com/+YoichiroTanaka
  2. We almost don't use ears and mouse. If they are

    available against computers...
  3. I would like to go to the Shibuya Hikarie. Sure.

    I just set there to the navigation system.
  4. Order a hamburger. Is that a small, medium or large?

    User Your Service Is that a small, medium or large?
  5. Developers can write a fulfillment code with the actions on

    google nodejs library. 'use strict'; const { dialogflow } = require('actions-on-google'); const functions = require('firebase-functions'); const app = dialogflow({ debug: true }); app.intent('Default Welcome Intent', conv => { conv.close('Hello, world.'); }); export.fulfillment = functions.https.onRequest(app);
  6. Order a hamburger. Is that a small, medium or large?

    User Your Service Is that a small, medium or large?
  7. app.intent('Order Hamburger', conv => { conv.ask('Is that a small, medium

    or large?'); }); You can implement your fulfillment code easily.
  8. What is conversation design? Learn about conversation How do I

    get started? Is conversation the right fit? Who are your users? Who is your persona? Draft a conversation Design for multiple devices Style guide Conversational components Error handling Visual components https://designguidelines.withgoogle.com/conversation
  9. app.intent('Start Signin', conv => { conv.ask(new SignIn('To get your account

    details')) }) app.intent('Get Signin', (conv, params, signin) => { if (signin.status === 'OK') { const payload = conv.user.profile.payload conv.ask(`I got your account details, ${payload.name}. What do you want to do next?`) } else { conv.ask(`I won't be able to save your data, but what do you want to do next?`) } })
  10. +

  11. Google Cloud Platform Android, Google Play, Web, etc. Assistant SDK

    Actions on Google Smart-(phones | watches | speakers | earphones | tvs), PCs, Cars SDKs for Actions, Actions API, Assistant API, Home Graph API Dialogflow
  12. We just have been starting building an ecosystem of the

    Google Assistant. We need your cooperations.