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Google Assistant & Actions on Google Latest Updates

Google Assistant & Actions on Google Latest Updates

スマートスピーカーを遊びたおす会 Vol 5 on March 5, 2019.

Yoichiro Tanaka

March 05, 2019

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  1. Google Assistant & Actions on Google Latest Updates March 5,

    2019, Yoichiro Tanaka, スマートスピーカーを遊びたおす会 vol.5
  2. Yoichiro Tanaka Software Engineer / IT Architect Google Developers Expert

    (Assistant, Web) twitter.com/yoichiro google.com/+YoichiroTanaka
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  4. 32 months after the Google Assistant launched on Google I/O

  5. 8 → 30 languages 14 → 80 countries The Assistant

    went global (up from last year).
  6. "active users of the Google Assistant grew four times over

    the past year. By the end of this month, we expect the Google Assistant to be available on one billion devices, up from 500 million last May." Here’s how the Google Assistant became more helpful in 2018
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  12. Recent new features for Google Assistant • The travel guide

    (flight delays) • Eight new voices • Take care of your IOUs • Bringing the Assistant to mobile apps (Google Maps at this time) • Accessing the Google Assistant in Messages • Use your voice to do more on feature phones (KaiOS) • Multilingual support for more languages • Duplex testing started
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  14. Google Cloud Platform Android, Google Play, Web, etc. Assistant SDK

    Actions on Google Smart-(phones | watches | speakers | earphones | tvs), PCs, Cars SDKs for Actions, Actions API, Assistant API, Home Graph API Dialogflow
  15. User Engagement Paym ent Personalize Basic Features Multimodal Elements for

  16. Architecture for Actions Devices Actions Webhook Simple Text SSML

  17. Multimodal brings more rich experiences.

  18. Basic card, Browse carousel, Suggestion chip

  19. Media responses, Table, List

  20. app.intent('Start Signin', conv => { conv.ask(new SignIn('To get your account

    details')) }) app.intent('Get Signin', (conv, params, signin) => { if (signin.status === 'OK') { const payload = conv.user.profile.payload conv.ask(`I got your account details, ${payload.name}. What do you want to do next?`) } else { conv.ask(`I won't be able to save your data, but what do you want to do next?`) } }) Google Sign-in feature is available by calling "SignIn" only.
  21. You can integrate physical purchase feature in your actions with

    Google Payment/your own payment.
  22. Digital Goods Transactions feature uses In-app products in Google Play.

  23. Digital Goods Transactions feature uses In-app products in Google Play.

  24. Push Notification Devices Actions Users (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

    (6) (7) Actions API (4)
  25. Push Notification

  26. Smart Home actions What is the temperature in the house?

    Link 28 degree Set the house to 25 25 degree Unlink SYNC QUERY EXECUTE DISCONECT 23 degree REPORT STATE

  28. +

  29. https://github.com/yoichiro/actions-tools

  30. 2019 Performance/Stability Improvement Developer supports 2018 Features Development Current Platform

  31. https://designguidelines.withgoogle.com/conversation

  32. What is conversation design? Learn about conversation How do I

    get started? Is conversation the right fit? Who are your users? Who is your persona? Draft a conversation Design for multiple devices Style guide Conversational components Error handling Visual components https://designguidelines.withgoogle.com/conversation
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  35. Features that will be released in this year are...

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  37. None
  38. Google Assistant Connect allows to integrate the Google Assistant with

    your devices easily.
  39. Google Groups http://bit.ly/assistant-dev-japan Slack http://bit.ly/assistant-dev-slack Assistant Developer Community Japan

  40. Thank you. Any questions? スマートスピーカーを遊びたおす会 vol.5, March 5 2019, Yoichiro