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How I run JS / Web Community

How I run JS / Web Community

Chrome Advisory Board / Lightning Talk

Yosuke Furukawa

December 09, 2021

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  1. How I run a Japanese JS/Web Community 2nd December, 2021

    @ Chrome Advisory Board / Chrome Dev Summit
  2. Twitter: @yosuke_furukawa Github: yosuke-furukawa

  3. I am an organizer of JSConf.jp / NodeFest .

  4. None
  5. Today I would like to talk about how to run

    JS/Web Community.
  6. I will introduce 3 points of our community.

  7. 1: Teaching is the best way to learn something.

  8. Teaching = Output • Someone told me "I don't think

    conference is a good idea to learn something. It would be better to read books and fork OSS" . • But I have a different opinion. • Input is necessary, but it is not enough. • Output is really needed to learn effectively and efficiently.
  9. We need to create the opportunity to output developers' knowledge

    and share each other.
  10. We are keep holding this type of event annually and

  11. 2: Connect to global community

  12. To be global • Japanese developers have some opinions but

    they don't say their opinions (maybe they are shy). • And they don't have connections between standardization groups. • Our conference invited TC39 members / WHATWG members / Browsers developers. • We need to break the barrier and connect each other.
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  14. We have discussion time in our community. The discussion uses

    some sticky papers and white board. We could discuss good/bad/improvement points on JavaScript and Web.
  15. We could listen to how to run big browser project

    from a Chromium developer.
  16. 3: We are still seeking our best style.

  17. Covid 19 changes our community • No offline events •

    No drinking party • Stay home • It is hard to connect and collaborate each other • We try to find our best community style. • We used both online chat tool and youtube live in this year. • Maybe in the future, we will use both online and offline.
  18. Spatial Chat is easy to communicate each other and share

  19. Youtube Live is stable and easy to play back again.

  20. COVID-19 changes our community. We need to think and seek

    our new normal style.
  21. We will keep challenging to our community growth.

  22. Thank you