Open Data Initiatives for Taiwan

A357616c0a9197fccbaf5aceb92d94f3?s=47 Yuren Ju
September 20, 2013

Open Data Initiatives for Taiwan



Taiwan has officially kicked off its open data initiative in late 2012, and government departments have begun to release its data since Q2, 2013. This initiative builds upon an existing Act of “Open Government Information” enacted years ago. Each government Ministry is required to identify a minimum of 5 data categories in the first trial phase (Mar. 2013), and 50 categories in the second phase, which ends in Dec. 2013.
Through this initiative, it is hoped that the government may achieve a level of improved transparency in its operation, and more importantly stimulate creativities from the private sector in applying these open datasets. A matching subsidizing program has also been established in aiding the private sector to develop creative applications that either promote the convenience of citizens’ daily life, or create business values which could yield economic gains for the society as a whole. In all, this open data initiative would not only put Taiwan neck-to-neck with other countries of early movers, but also establish Taiwan as a global milestone in stimulating good applications from the private sector.


張善政博士曾任國科會高速電腦中心及企劃考核處長逾十年,後轉入業界,服務宏碁、Google超過十餘年,於2012年放棄優渥 Google亞太營運總監職位,轉任公職,目前擔任行政院負責協調跨部會科技業務之政務委員,行政院科技會報副召集人,負責推動雲端運算應用與產業發展方案,以及政府開放資料等項目。


Yuren Ju

September 20, 2013