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Open Source as a Business (EuroPython 2013)

Open Source as a Business (EuroPython 2013)

David Cramer

July 02, 2013

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  1. A large ecosystem of developers Raven.NET chef-sentry-handler heka-py-raven logging (R)

    metlog-raven nagios-sentry pyramid_sentry raven-asc3 raven-cfml raven-cpp raven-csharp raven-erlang raven-go raven-grails raven-java raven-js raven-node raven-objc raven-osx raven-php raven-python raven-ruby raven-sh raven-ssas sentry-assign sentry-bitbucket sentry-campfire sentry-facebook sentry-github sentry-groveio sentry-hipchat sentry-irc sentry-irccat sentry-jira sentry-jsonmailprocessor sentry-notifico sentry-notifry sentry-pivotal sentry-plugin-ipaddresses sentry-sprintly sentry-sprunge sentry-trello sentry-youtrack symfony-amg-sentry-plugin Tuesday, July 2, 13
  2. While waiting for Heroku's AddOn validation we decided we could

    collect money using Stripe Tuesday, July 2, 13
  3. We must create a sustainable hosted platform, but always remember

    people can host it themselves Tuesday, July 2, 13
  4. We bill based on what costs us money There is

    no per-seat, or per-project pricing Tuesday, July 2, 13
  5. We will not fork Sentry and the only private code

    is our subscription management and billing Tuesday, July 2, 13
  6. Listen to feedback, but never compromise the platform by adding

    features just because they're requested Tuesday, July 2, 13
  7. If you continually take a loss it's hard to prove

    that it's worth driving forward Tuesday, July 2, 13
  8. Heroku helped us get launched by covering our bill for

    the first three months Tuesday, July 2, 13
  9. SoftLayer put us into their incubator program giving us $1,000

    in credit per month Tuesday, July 2, 13
  10. We don't try to compete with customers who want to

    host it themselves Tuesday, July 2, 13
  11. We focus on minimizing costs by targeting small to medium

    sized businesses Tuesday, July 2, 13
  12. Example: We need to manage quotas but the self-hosted version

    probably doesn't care Tuesday, July 2, 13
  13. Larger companies are much larger in cost (based on our

    architecture) Tuesday, July 2, 13
  14. The primary downside to focusing on more, smaller customers is

    the cost of customer support Tuesday, July 2, 13
  15. We have absolutely no idea how it works It's been

    a little magical for us Tuesday, July 2, 13
  16. We try to build a product that we love Which

    in turns leads to a product our users love Tuesday, July 2, 13
  17. Our belief is that the care we take with our

    product leads to a successful viral and organic growth Tuesday, July 2, 13
  18. In turn we're going to focus on content marketing Which

    translates to us writing useful blog posts Tuesday, July 2, 13
  19. Seriously though we have no idea what we're doing so

    we iterate like everything else Tuesday, July 2, 13
  20. We built Sentry at DISQUS entirely because we had problems

    we wanted to solve Tuesday, July 2, 13
  21. The entire time my co-founder and myself have been full-time

    employees at other companies Tuesday, July 2, 13
  22. That time spent has made some great things possible both

    for DISQUS and individuals Tuesday, July 2, 13
  23. "If you do what you love you'll never work a

    day in your life" Tuesday, July 2, 13