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Open Source as a Business (PyCon SG 2014)

Open Source as a Business (PyCon SG 2014)

David Cramer

June 21, 2014

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  1. A large ecosystem of developers Raven.NET chef-sentry-handler heka-py-raven logging (R)

    metlog-raven nagios-sentry pyramid_sentry raven-asc3 raven-cfml raven-cpp raven-csharp raven-erlang raven-go raven-grails raven-java raven-js raven-node raven-objc raven-osx raven-php raven-python raven-ruby raven-sh raven-ssas sentry-assign sentry-bitbucket sentry-campfire sentry-facebook sentry-github sentry-groveio sentry-hipchat sentry-irc sentry-irccat sentry-jira sentry-jsonmailprocessor sentry-notifico sentry-notifry sentry-pivotal sentry-plugin-ipaddresses sentry-sprintly sentry-sprunge sentry-trello sentry-youtrack symfony-amg-sentry-plugin
  2. We bill based on what costs us money There is

    no per-seat, or per-project pricing
  3. We will not fork Sentry and the only private code

    is our subscription management and billing
  4. If you continually take a loss it's hard to prove

    that it's worth driving forward
  5. We end up with a very large amount of extension

    points so @getsentry can hook public APIs
  6. At times we just straight up add tooling to Sentry

    assuming no one will ever use it
  7. We try to build a product that we love which

    we believe creates a product our users love
  8. Our belief is that the care we take with our

    product leads to a successful viral and organic growth
  9. Which means we get to build an awesome product that

    anyone can use without restrictions
  10. It's hard to think of it as a business because

    it feels like we're still just hacking on open source
  11. We get to blow the money on fun things, like

    sponsoring events, picking up the bar tab, etc.