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WMTC20: Creating and Executing Your Wine Tourism Plan

Df3c4aee738300c91d8d5e7232bfea71?s=47 Zephyr Conferences
March 04, 2020

WMTC20: Creating and Executing Your Wine Tourism Plan

Do you have an effective plan in place to drive traffic to your destination or organization? If not, you are simply at the mercy of market forces. This session will present how to craft and implement an effective tourism plan. Presented by Janiene Ullrich, The Family Coppola


Zephyr Conferences

March 04, 2020


  1. Creating & Executing Your Wine Tourism Plan

  2. Francis Ford Coppola Winery Sonoma County

  3. Virginia Dare Winery Sonoma County

  4. Domaine de Broglie Willamette Valley

  5. Cafe Zoetrope San Francisco

  6. Phase 1 Protect your time & space

  7. Co-worker: How’s it going? Me:

  8. Co-worker: How’s it going? Me:


  10. The key to getting in a creative state is to

    avoid interruptions John Cleese
  11. Calendar thinking & planning time

  12. Save time with response templates

  13. Phase 2 Get curious

  14. • Commit to your individual thinking blocks • Consult your

    inbox – magazines, electronic newsletters, unsolicited emails • Survey your peers • Explore experiences in different locations • Write it all down – even the crazy ideas! • Make meetings (and conferences!) count • Write things to try • Schedule your follow up • Reflect on experiences outside of work Harvest Ideas
  15. None
  16. Host a Creative Session • Clearly communicate objective and method

    ahead of time • Schedule a generous amount of time (off-site if possible) • Extend invitation beyond obvious stakeholders • Collect absentee ideas • Be inclusive & open minded. Prepare for: “We tried that and it didn’t work.” “What’s the ROI?” “We don’t do things that way.” “Is that legal?” • Try “yes, and…”
  17. DTC Creative Summit - Recap 11.18.19 Category Description Details Votes

    Next Action Item Owner(s) Status Timeline Tastings/Pool & Park The Anthology Create an ultimate package in which someone can buy one of each wine that we sell. Incorporate ways to celebrate the purchase (i.e. wall of fame-type installation). 13 Targeting launch for 7/27th - 10th anniversary of the remodeled property. Would set up 12 Anthology Sets. Wine (70 bottles) valued at $2,500 - could incorporate a wine refrigerator as part of the Anthology purchase experience. Kristin would need asset/content by early July to start pitching to media. Lillian, Melissa, Nick. In progress Q3 - 2020 eCommerce & Wine Family Club Add Ons Promote opportunity to add wines to outgoing shipments of skus we want to move through (instead of stand alone case sales) 11 Kicking off program with the March shipment. Member notifications will include a link for people to add on 2 bottles of Sofia Methode Champenois for $30. Members will just need to reply to the email and eCommerce will process the add-on Rebecca, Jamie, Melissa, Tim In progress Q1 - 2020 Partnerships & Other Opportunities Hotel & Tourism Outreach Create set offerings for hotels/tour operators to offer guests booking larger room blocks/events (i.e. private tours/tastings/dinners.) 9 REVISIT. Add Maria to working group. Create working group and schedule follow up once Sales Rep has been hired. Rick Q1 - 2020 eCommerce & Wine Family Revamp H Block Revise event - keep reception in H Block but move up to Pavilion/Pool Deck for more upscale expereience 8 Schedule working group to revamp experience. Rebecca Q2 - 2020 eCommerce & Wine Family Digital Welcome Packets Lots of time/materials spent on physically mailing out welcome packets 4 COMPLETE. Outline process for giving new members choice of how to receive their information - digitally vs. physically. Mindy Complete Q1 - 2020
  18. Explore Partnerships • Consider range of benefits • Access to

    new customers & markets • Expanded press & media coverage • Potential partners • Other wineries & tour operators • Non-wine properties/activities • Charities • Development • Outline short-term vs long-term strategies • Set up measurable expectations for both parties • Always. Consult. Legal.
  19. Partnership in Action | Oakland Athletics Long Term – 3

    years Objectives: • Drive Diamond Can sales • Create unique events & experiences • Expand Bay Area audience
  20. Partnership in Action | Charities

  21. Phase 3 Ramp up & deliver

  22. Planning & Communication • Prioritize the big rocks • Incorporate

    retention & acquisition needs • Identify rolling engagement opportunities • Consider the customer’s needs & preferences
  23. Crazy Idea Example| Gia FriYay

  24. Planning & Communication

  25. Planning & Communication

  26. Engage & Observe

  27. Phase 4 Follow Up

  28. Celebrate Success

  29. Customer Feedback Platforms

  30. Customer Feedback in Action | Google Q&A

  31. Customer Feedback in Action | Google Q&A

  32. Customer Feedback in Action | Google Q&A

  33. Customer Feedback in Action | Google Q&A

  34. Phase 1 Protect your time & space Try it! ❑

    Calendar your thinking & planning time ❑ Update your meeting norms ❑ Reduce distractions ❑ Draft response templates ❑ Assess your notifications Check out… • #24 Focus On This - How to Set Up Your Monthly Calendar • #25 Focus On This - How to Set Up an Ideal Week
  35. Phase 2 Get Curious Try it! ❑ Document ideas…even the

    crazy ones ❑ Schedule a team creative session ❑ Create partnership wish list ❑ Prioritize, assign action items, owners, & due dates Check out… • A Powerful Way to Unleash Your Natural Creativity | Tim Harford (17 minutes) • John Cleese on Creativity (11 minutes)
  36. Phase 3 Ramp up & deliver Action Items ❑ Create

    an internal communication process ❑ Assign milestones, action items, task owners ❑ Craft your messages – consider each channel & audience ❑ Survey your team & cover the “what ifs?” ❑ Consider an observation checklist ❑ Gather content
  37. Phase 4 Follow up Action Items ❑ Review customer feedback

    platforms (PLEASE calendar this!) ❑ Implement surveys ❑ Share content ❑ Schedule team assessments ❑ Celebrate your wins ❑ Revise and repeat Check out… • Are You Undervaluing Your Customers? by Rob Markey | HBR Jan/Feb 2020 • The Email You Don’t Want to Get by Rob McMillan | SVB On Wine 02-08-2020
  38. The Silver Lining

  39. janiene.ullrich@thefamilycoppola.com www.thefamilycoppola.com