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WMTC20: The Future of Wine Tourism: What We are Doing Wrong and How We Can Better Move Forward

Zephyr Conferences
March 05, 2020

WMTC20: The Future of Wine Tourism: What We are Doing Wrong and How We Can Better Move Forward

Join Paul Wagner, Founder of Balzac Communications, for an in-depth discussion of where we are today, what pitfalls we have experienced, and where we can go in ten years with proper planning and marketing. He will provide a list of “The Top Five Things Every Marketer Should Do Now” to help you correct your path and spur you on your way to a successful future.

Zephyr Conferences

March 05, 2020



    IT, EITHER What’s different about our winery or region? Who knows?
  2. WE ARE A SMALL FAMILY WINERY… Yadda yadda yadda WE

    MAKE GREAT WINE... Yadda yadda yadda
  3. 6 ▪ 33 Different Soil Series ▪Over 100 Soil Variations

    ▪ Half of the Soil Orders on Earth exist in the Napa Valley Napa Valley Soil Diversity Soils
  4. 8 BORDEAUX: CLIMATE – Maritime climate – Moderating influences from

    the Atlantic and Gironde Estuary – Coastal pine forests protect Médoc from harsh winds – Rain – a worry at harvest – Wet Spring and humidity – Varied climate creates vintage variation 8
  5. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Scents of bacon; fresh cherry and

    red raspberry shadowed by their distilled counterparts; violet, honeysuckle, and acacia; musk; lavender and other resinous herbs; along with pungently bittersweet citrus oils, all capture one’s attention. Their counterparts on an infectiously juicy, fine-grained and strikingly buoyant palate are mingled with veal stock and mouthwateringly savory pan drippings. Cardamom and black pepper add yet greater complexity. The clean, marrow-like meatiness that extends all the way through this Syrah’s lusciously long finish is anything but gamey.
  6. WE DON’T KNOW HOW TO SELL Who Teaches Sales Techniques?

    WSET NO Court of Master Sommeliers NO Society of Wine Educators NO Sonoma State NO UC Davis NO
  7. SHE IS: • Oxygen 61% • Carbon 23% • Hydrogen

    10% • Nitrogen 2.6% • Calcium 1.4% • Phosphorus 1.1% • Trace elements .9%
  8. MERITXELL FALGUERAS • Journalist • Top sommelier of Catalunya •

    Third best sommelier in Spain • Author • Television commentator • Firth generation owner of Celler de Gelida

    to belong. We need to make that easier, not harder.
  10. WHAT’S THE BENEFIT? • Why do consumers buy wine? •

    Is wine a luxury or a commodity? • “We don’t sell watches to tell the time” • “People buy luxury articles to be recognized” Alain-Dominique Perrin, Cartier, Paris
  11. #4: COMMUNICATE! We don’t follow up We think our customers

    don’t want to hear from us. And why isn’t your WIFI free?
  12. • Don’t tell me you’re passionate. Talk about what you

    love. • Don’t convince me with facts, seduce me with stories. • Don’t educate me, make me your friend. • Don’t tell me; show me. Don’t show me; let me participate.
  13. WE LOVE WINE • We are intimidated by it •

    We worry about it • We fear sharing it
  14. WINE AND MUSIC • Each winemaker dances to the rhythm

    that nature plays for us. • And each winemaker adds a melody. • But no winemaker works alone. • Wine is the communal expression of joy. • Share that joy