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WMTC20: How Do You Attract Attention In a Crowded, Busy World?

Zephyr Conferences
March 04, 2020

WMTC20: How Do You Attract Attention In a Crowded, Busy World?

Digital marketing is all the rage and has been for years. But there is always more to learn. This session will cover email marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising. Presented by Jeremy Schubert, Lunabean Media

Zephyr Conferences

March 04, 2020


  1. How Do You Attract Attention in a Crowded, Busy World?

    Jeremy Schubert Owner Lunabean Media Portland, Ore. lunabeanmedia.com [email protected]
  2. How do we break through? •Do more of the same

    •Do the same thing better •Do things you don’t already do
  3. Professional Photography • Make your winery standout • Purpose-driven •

    Align your photoshoot with your brand messaging • Invoke an emotional response • Can be used throughout your channels: • Website • Email • Social • Ads
  4. Do it Better Website – Keep it Simple • Break

    through the noise by keeping it simple • Four main objectives • Visit • Shop • Club • Story (about, philosophy, etc.)
  5. Do it Better Website – Landing Page • Allows you

    to hyper-focus attention • Repeat language in email and/or ad • Allows you to easily track visits and your sales funnel
  6. Do it Better Search Engines – Google My Business •

    Stand out in search results • Control the message • Add events • Add products • Add posts (wine reviews, scores, news)
  7. Do it Better Email – My Best Tips • Authenticate

    your domain to help with deliverability • DKIM and SPF records (ask your web person about this) • Add “alt” tags to your photos • Don’t send photo-only emails • Short emails: It’s better to send 3 short emails than one long one • Short copy, and well-written copy in your brand’s tone
  8. Do it Better Email – Have fun with system emails

    • Audit all automated emails • Welcome emails • Order confirmation emails • Ship notification emails • Stand out by having some personality!
  9. Do it Better Facebook Ad Library • Search for wineries

    in your area • Is anybody advertising? • If so, what is the messaging? • Is there space for you to advertise?
  10. Do Something You’re Not Already Doing Email – Use Data

    to Segment • RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) analysis • Best Customers • Potential Best Customers • Dormant Customers • Club Members at Risk • First Time Customers
  11. Do Something You’re Not Already Doing Email – Use Data

    to Segment Of all the emails you can send, the email that targets customers who have only bought once is the most effective by far. With an average open rate of 59.2%, it outperforms any other emails you send. https://www.winedirect.com/resources/knowledge-center/email-the-biggest-roi-for- wineries
  12. Do Something You’re Not Already Doing SMS / Text Marketing

  13. Do Something You’re Not Already Doing SMS / Text Marketing

    • Send important announcements • Events • Offers • Low inventory alerts • Use it for club-only messaging • Be the wine concierge • A dedicated club-only number
  14. Do Something You’re Not Already Doing Website Heatmap • Install

    on your website to track: • Movement of mouse • Where people click • How far people scroll • Learn areas of your site that need improvement • Hotjar and Smartlook
  15. Do Something You’re Not Already Doing Chat • Customer service

    (wine concierge) • Increase conversions • Add messaging (can act as the website announcement bar) • Learn what issues your customers are having (and fix them)
  16. That’s it, folks… Conclusion • Good photography • Good, personality-driven,

    writing • Good story • Frequent delivery on multiple channels • Data to analyze how that’s going for you