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WMTC20: Opening Keynote: Lynda Schenk, Executive Director of the Wine Communicators of Australia

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March 04, 2020

WMTC20: Opening Keynote: Lynda Schenk, Executive Director of the Wine Communicators of Australia

Lynda is a dynamic professional who as the Executive Director of Wine Communicators of Australia is at the center of the Australian marketing world. She also runs her own marketing agency, Purple Giraffe. Australia is probably leading the world in terms of investment in wine tourism and Lynda will provide an overview of what is happening Down Under, including lessons for the audience.


Zephyr Conferences

March 04, 2020


  1. Australian Wine Tourism Lynda Schenk

  2. About Me

  3. My Family

  4. My Family

  5. My Family

  6. About WCA • Australian membership-based organization • 600+ communications focused

    members • People who work in communications within wine • Aim to help make the industry stronger, under two primary banners: • Awarding Excellence • Advancing Excellence
  7. About Australia

  8. About Australia

  9. About Australia

  10. About Australia

  11. About Australia

  12. About Australia

  13. Australia is the world’s sixth largest country – larger than

    Europe Size of Australia Source: Wine Australia
  14. Size of Australia Land Mass USA 3.797M mi2 AUS 2.97M

    mi2 Population 2018 USA 326.7 M AUS 24.77 M Australia vs USA
  15. Australian Wine Tourism

  16. Source: Wine Australia People $$$ Jobs Wine Tourism IT IS

  17. Source: Wine Australia Wine Tourism All visitors Visited a winery

    % of all visitors that went to a winery China 1.33 m 154,000 12% United Kingdom 0.67 m 138,000 21% United States 0.77 m 78,000 10% South Korea 0.25 m 69,000 27% Malaysia 0.34 m 64,000 19% Singapore 0.42 m 74,000 18% New Zealand 1.28 m 58,000 5% Hong Kong 0.28 m 40,000 14% Japan 0.46 m 41,000 9% Taiwan 0.18 m 34,000 19% TOP 10 INTERNATIONAL MARKETS VISITING A WINERY
  18. Source: Wine Australia Food and Wine Travel Trends 2 2

    2 3
  19. Australian Tourism Structure Federal •Get people to come to Australia

    to holiday and spend money State •Get people to come to the state and spend money Region •Get people to come to the region an holiday •Develop hero products, support industry development and market to region Destination • Get the right people to come to the destination to holiday •Develop new products in line with destination Operational •Put their business on the map •Be exceptional •Generate new stories and ideas •Tell people about their business
  20. Australian Wine Industry Structure

  21. Australian Government Funding

  22. Export and Regional Wine Support Package Overview • Australian Government

    funded, $50M • One-off allocation over four years (2017–20) • Designed to grow Australia’s wine exports, and • Showcase the nation’s wine tourism offering • Programs Ø wine export and wine tourism capability development ($2.5m) Ø grants for wine export and wine tourism activities ($8.7m), and Ø international marketing campaigns in the USA and China ($32.5m) Source: Wine Australia
  23. Australian Government Funding Growing Capabilities

  24. Growing Capabilities Wine Tourism Capability Development • Strategies for enhancing

    wine tourism experiences • Maximising the impact of tourism on wine businesses • 20+ regional workshops • Live, interactive webinars • An online toolkit and resources • Access to detailed market analysis www.wineaustralia.com/growingwinetourism Source: Wine Australia
  25. Source: Wine Australia Overview • Wine Australia and Australian Tourism

    Data Warehouse (ATDW) partnership • 2020–21 project • Building a wine tourism category into Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information on Australia • Content will be accessible by tourism business owners (operators), wholesalers, retailers and distributors for use in their websites and booking systems https://atdw.com.au/ Growing Capabilities National Online Wine Tourism Platform
  26. Australian Government Funding International Wine Tourism

  27. Overview • 21 Competitive grant projects • 6 State grant

    projects underway • Projects value: $15.18 M Source: Wine Australia International Wine Tourism Grants
  28. Source: Wine Australia Podcast Series International Wine Tourism Grants PODCAST

  29. Source: Wine Australia • Largest gathering of wine writers in

    the world • First time held outside North America • 12th Year • 10–12 October 2019 • Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia International Wine Tourism Grants
  30. International Wine Tourism Grants Source: Crushedgrapechronicles.com

  31. WINE VICTORIA 5 PILLARS CAMPAIGN International Wine Tourism Grants

  32. 32

  33. 33

  34. 34

  35. 35

  36. 36

  37. 37

  38. 38

  39. Bringing them to life 39

  40. 40 Video Series

  41. 41 Imagery

  42. 42 Maps

  43. 43 Online Hubs

  44. Australian Government Funding International Marketing Campaigns

  45. International Marketing Campaigns Source: Wine Australia

  46. International Marketing Campaigns Source: Wine Australia

  47. Resources https://wineaustralia.imagegallery.me/ https://images.australia.com/

  48. Questions? Lynda Schenk E: exec@winecommunicators.com.au