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20210605_DevRelCon Tokyo 2021

20210605_DevRelCon Tokyo 2021

This is my presentation in 20210605_DevRelCon Tokyo 2021. Title is "How to activate quality DevRel activities using low-code and no-code tools!".

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June 05, 2021


  1. 20210605_DevRelCon Tokyo 2021 How to activate quality DevRel activities using

    low-code and no-code tools! Seigo Tanaka / 1ft-seabass
  2. I will share my presentation. Please, enjoy my talk :)

  3. Seigo Tanaka Company Name:1ft-seabass I have been worked front-end Engineer

    since 2004 and made interactive contents using Adobe FLASH. Recently. I’m based on front-end technology. I’m going to be related to information and user-interface gradually. ex. IoT , Mixed Reality and AI...
  4. Seigo Tanaka Name:1ft-seabass Additionally, I got awards as IBM Champion

    and Microsoft MVP ( Windows Development ). These days I’m involved in DevRel to make connections with outside.
  5. I talk two DevRel effects on Low-code and no-code tools,

    • Boosting a developer’s creativity. • Making easy to colloaborate each technologies.
  6. Boosting a developer’s creativity. The GUI of Low-code and no-code

    tools can help grasping technology benefit visually.
  7. Low-code and no-code tools have a Graphic User Interface. It’s

    an excellent navigator for developers! ^_^
  8. IFTTT as No-code tool

  9. For Example IFTTT connects A API to B API using

    GUI. it have basic HTTP request also.
  10. Node-RED as Low-code tool

  11. For Example Node-RED has GUI for data flow. It's connecting

    Shiba-Inu API sample using Node-RED.
  12. Let's demonstration!

  13. GUI can help to meet DevRel and this technology visually.

    Full custommade is also good. It is smaller understanding collaboration DevRel for limited time.
  14. In IoT community events as an organizer and a speaker.

    Originally it need a lot of time for DevRel technology appeal.
  15. CO2 sensor data recording DEMO Recently CO2 sensor usecase can

    use for exchanging a room air such COVID-19 situation.
  16. IoT device "M5Stack" get CO2 measering value. Node-RED and IFTTT

    record this to Google Sheet. CO2: 850ppm M5Stack Google Sheet Node-RED
  17. Node-RED get CO2 sensor data from M5Stack using MQTT. It

    adjust and send this data to IFTTT Webhook. CO2: 850ppm
  18. IFTTT Webhook trigger connect to Google Sheet action.

  19. Google Sheet.

  20. Let's demonstration!

  21. Low-code and no-code tool's sharing resource function enables to make

    it easy to collaborate each technology!
  22. They have many connectable famous services. Twitter, Google, Cloud services

    and so on. Collaborating with famous technologies help understanding your DevRel. Your DevRel
  23. I talked about collaboration at this DevRel event. freee is

    nice finance data (personal/enterprise). IBM Cloud is the one of famous cloud service. LINE is a useful communication service such as notification and text conversation in Japan.
  24. Node-RED has functions easy to connect each other API.

  25. I demonstrated like this.

  26. Presenting finished sample from first is important. Like this success,

    the growing relationship of trust with developers in DevRel strongly!
  27. Node-RED has easy providing sample using source exporting and importing

    immediately. It reaches easy conveying about moving technology. In this stuation, DevRel presentation enables to focus actual outcome and benefit.
  28. DEMO I will talk about VR and IoT colloboration using

    HoloLens 2. I added previous demo.
  29. VR & IoT sensor Visualization

  30. Node-RED associated IoT and VR. CO2: 850ppm M5Stack Node-RED HoloLens

  31. Like this data flow. These areas are for the demo.

  32. I deliver this demo in my room.

  33. HoloLens 2 sharing view and camera view!

  34. Let's demonstration!

  35. Low-code and no-code tool's enable to share overall pictures about

    your DevRel and technology.
  36. They can reach to think us about "Future" each other.

  37. Conclusion • Boosting a developer’s creativity. • Making easy to

    colloaborate each technologies.