Pectoral Region

Pectoral Region

This presentation describes Pectoral Region of upper limb


Dr.Sherif Fahmy

August 02, 2019


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    Pectoral Region Pectus is the front of the chest. It

    contains: Muscles: 1. Pectoralis major m. 2. Pectoralis minor m. 3. Subclavius m. Fascia: 1. Pectoral fascia. 2. Clavipectoral fascia. Nerves & Vessels: 1. Nerve and vascular supply of the pectoral region.
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    Clavicle Coracoid process of scapula Lateral lip of intertubercular (bicipital)

    groove Upper 6 ribs Upper 6 costal cartilages Sternum
  3. 9.

    Breast Areola Nipple Pectoralis major m. Deltoid m. Skin (cut)

    Cephalic vein in delto- pectoral groove Serratus anterior m. Tail of the breast Superficial fascia Deep fascia (Pectoral fascia) Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  4. 11.

    Fan-shaped Pectoralis major m. Serratus anterior m. External abdominal oblique

    m. Deltoid m. Delto-pectoral groove Pectoral fascia (deep fascia) Clavicle Anterior axillary fold
  5. 13.

    Subclavius muscle Pectoralis minor m. Axillary artery Axillary vein Brachial

    plexus Costal cartilages Ribs Sternum Clavicle Dr. Sherif Fahmy
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    Pectoralis minor Clavipectoral fascia Suspensory lig. of axilla Subclavius m.

    Clavicle Cephalic vein Lateral pectoral nerve Acromio- thoracic artery Sternum
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    Anatomy of Any Muscle ➢Name. ➢Site & shape. ➢Attachments (origin

    & insertion). ➢Nerve supply. ➢Action. ➢Important relations. ➢Applied anatomy.
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    Clavicle Sternum Upper 6 costal cartilages Lateral lip of bicipital

    groove Clavicular head Sterno-costal head Bilaminar tendon Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  9. 21.

    Action of Pectoralis Major M. The whole muscle: 1- Adducts

    and medially rotates the arm at shoulder joint. A- Clavicular head: Flexes the arm. B- Sternocostal head: Extends the flexed arm and deep inspiratory m. Nerve supply: Lateral & medial pectoral nerves
  10. 25.

    Pectoralis minor m. Axillary vein 1st part of axillary artery

    Cords of brachial plexus 3rd part of axillary artery Dr. Sherif Fahmy
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    Actions & Nerve Supply of Pectoralis Minor M. 1- Protraction

    (weak) of the scapula. 2- Downward rotation of the scapula and lowering the shoulder. 3- Deep inspiratory m. Nerve supply: Mainly medial pectoral nerve.
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    Pectoralis minor Clavipectoral fascia Suspensory ligament of axilla Subclavius m.

    Dr. Sherif Fahmy Subclavius m. Pectoralis minor m. Contents of axilla Clavi-pectoral fascia is present Clavi-pectoral fascia is removed
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    Action of Subclavius Muscle ➢It pulls the clavicle downwards, fixing

    it, to prevent excessive movements of shoulder girdle. Nerve supply: ➢Nerve to subclavius.
  15. 41.

    Attachments of Serratus Anterior M. Origin: -By 8 digitations from

    outer surface of upper 8 ribs (midway between costo-chondral junctions and angle of ribs). -First digitation arises from 1st & 2nd ribs with tendinous arch inbetween, the other digitations each arises from the rib of the same number. -Lower part interdigitate with upper part of external abdominal oblique muscle. Insertion: -Anterior aspect of medial border of scapula.
  16. 45.

    1st digitation 2nd digitation 3rd digitation Lower 5 digitation Superior

    angle Medial border Inferior angle Insertion Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  17. 47.

    Action of Serratus Anterior M. 1- Powerful protraction of scapula

    (pushing & reaching). 2- Lower 5 digitations upwards rotates the scapula (abduction of arm above 90 degrees). 3- Fix the scapula over chest specially during movement of the scapula. 4- Raise the ribs in forced inspiration.
  18. 50.

    Pectoralis minor Clavipectoral fascia Suspensor ligament of axilla Subclavius m.

    Dr. Sherif Fahmy Subclavius m. Pectoralis minor m. Contents of axilla Clavi-pectoral fascia is present Clavi-pectoral fascia is removed
  19. 51.

    Coracoid process Coraco-clavicular ligament Upper 2 costal cartilage Clavipectoral fascia

    Medial & lateral extensions of clavi-pectoral fascia Pectoralis minor m.
  20. 52.

    Attachments of Clavi-pectoral Fascia Upper: to clavicle at margins of

    groove of subclavius Medial: to upper 2 costal cartilages Lateral: to coracoid process and coraco-clavicular ligament Lower: It encloses pectoralis minor muscle, then continues to floor of axilla as suspensory ligament of axilla
  21. 54.

    L.S. of anterior wall of axilla Clavicle Subclavius m. Clavi-pectoral

    fascia Pectoralis minor with fascial sheath Suspensory lig. of axilla Floor of axilla Pectoralis major m. Pectoral fascia Dr. Sherif Fahmy