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4 Fatherhood Lessons from Entrepreneur Fathers

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April 27, 2016

4 Fatherhood Lessons from Entrepreneur Fathers

So often we feel alone as new fathers and can not help but wonder that we are the only ones that are feeling the way we are or struggling in our new role. I sure did. I felt a range of emotions when I first became a father and one of the biggest was that I was unique in my struggle. What were other fathers doing to be intentional in their role, especially those that were starting businesses or pursuing a life of purpose?

This curiosity was the origin of the 2centdad podcast. I began interviewing fathers that are pursuing a life beyond the status quo; they are running companies, traveling the world, or building tribes. Why not hear it from the horse’s mouth! From those interviews I have come away with a few insights that I found are challenging but applicable.

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April 27, 2016


  1. 4 Fatherhood Lessons I Learned Interviewing Entrepreneur Fathers

  2. 1 find what works… then double down on that

  3. David Cancel has packed evenings, so he gets up at

    5am to prioritize time with his kids. @dcancel David Cancel CEO at Drift
  4. 2 provide options not scarcity scarcity increases demand

  5. DHH does not limit his toddler’s screen time but provides

    options to stoke his natural interests. Reward cycles only increase demand and stifle intrinsic motivation. @dhh David Heinemeier Hansen Founder at Basecamp
  6. 3 take your spouse’s needs and put them in your

  7. Designer Marc Hemeon has been married 17 years and raised

    3 kids so he knows that alignment with your spouse is the foundation of success if you’re married. If you fall out of love get back in! @hemeon Marc Hemeon Founder Design Inc
  8. @hemeon Marc Hemeon Founder Design Inc …oh and stay hydrated!

    Marc thinks a majority of problems are due to dehydration.
  9. 4 give your children experiences that will guide their life

  10. Allan Branch decided to home school his children as well

    as travel with them to help broaden their worldview. @allanbranch Allan Branch Founder LessAccounting
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