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How to Create an Online Form

How to Create an Online Form

Original Youtube Video: http://youtu.be/dmtnixoNCJc


June 27, 2013

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  1. Step 1  Go to http://google.com/ and make an account

    (if needed)  Now go to http://drive.google.com/
  2. Step 2  Click on the New Folder button, and

    title it, for example “My Form”  Open the folder
  3. Step 4  Name the form, choose what theme you

    would like for the form, and click OK. For this example, I will use the default theme.
  4. Step 5  Fill in the first question. If you

    do not want a multiple choice question, change the Question Type field. You can also make this question a required question (it must be filled in before the form can be submitted)
  5. Step 6  Once you have finished creating the form,

    click Choose Response Destination, and (if you would like) change the name of the spreadsheet. Make sure you say that it is the form answers. Then click Create.
  6. Step 7  As you fill in the questions, you

    will begin to see how the form looks. Click View Live Form, and in the popup window, right click in the address bar. Click copy. This is the URL to fill out your form. Close this window.
  7. Step 8  Mouse over the name of your form,

    and click on the back arrow to return to Google Drive.
  8. Step 10  This is where your responses will be

    saved. To be notified (via email) when a new response is submitted, click Tools  Notification Rules, and make sure the following are checked off in the popup window. Click Save, and click Done.
  9.  If you would like this emails forwarded to a

    different address, click here to view a tutorial on how to do this.  That’s it!