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How to Create a Virtual Machine

How to Create a Virtual Machine


July 05, 2013

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  1. What is a Virtual Machine, and What Does It Do?

     In a nutshell, a virtual machine is almost exactly like a computer, but instead of it physically being in the room, it is in your computer.  It is useful because if you want to test out an operating system or a program, you can do that without messing up your current computer, and you don’t need to spend money on another computer.
  2. Step 2  Install VMWare Player by clicking next and

    continue until it is installing. Then click Finish.
  3. Step 5  Depending on how you are installing your

    Operating System (OS), click on the appropriate option. I will be covering the .iso meathod because it is most popular for Virtual Machines.
  4. Step 7  If you would like, you can change

    the name of the Virtual Machine and change where it is saved. Click Next.
  5. Step 8  This is where how big you want

    the virtual hard drive to be. I would suggest the top option, as it will increase Virtual Machine performance. Click Next.
  6. Step 9  Displayed is the overview of the specs

    of your Virtual Machine. If you want to change your specs, click Customize Hardware. When you are done, click Finish.
  7. Step 10  Now you are back at your home

    screen. Click on your Virtual Machine and click Play Your initial setup will depend on what OS you chose to install.
  8.  If you want to learn how to install Windows

    8.1 (free Windows 8 Beta OS), click here  That’s it!