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How to Install Linux Through Windows

How to Install Linux Through Windows

Watch the original YouTube video here: http://youtu.be/DpXszw4qxhk


July 21, 2013

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  1. How to Install Linux Using Windows By 8terabytes8

  2. Step 1 • Login to Windows using an Admin account.

    Go to start, and type Disk Manage. Click “Create and format hard disk partitions” *If you do not have Windows 7 or above, and do not have this tool, please read the description.
  3. Step 2 • Right click on your C drive, and

    click Shrink Volume
  4. Step 3 • Change the shrink value to how big

    you want your Linux partition to be. Then click Shrink. Remember, this is in megabytes.
  5. Step 3.5 • Since there is no loading screen for

    this step, make sure you give it a minute or two to complete.
  6. Step 4 • Now click on the unallocated partition, and

    click New Simple Volume.
  7. Step 5 • Click Next, Next, and change the drive

    letter if you would like. Click Next, and name the partition something like Linux. Click Finish.
  8. Step 6 • Go to www.wubi-installer.org • Scroll down, and

    download the installer • Scroll down, and click No thanks, take me to the download
  9. Step 7 • Change the installation drive to the partition

    we just made (not C drive!), change the installation size to the closest size to your partition, and type in any username and password. Click Install.
  10. Step 8 • Make sure you give this a while.

    It will download the Ubuntu image and install it for you. When it is done, it will ask to restart the computer. Restart, and choose to boot into Ubuntu. • That’s it!