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OpenStack is more than just (OpenStack)

OpenStack is more than just (OpenStack)

#DevOpsDays India 2013

[In short the 5min attempt to familiarize with OpenStack

OpenStack Is More Than Just OpenStack

OpenStack as mostly is projected an OSS running Big IaaS for all. It's True.

But it's just the bigger Truth, surrounded with many smaller ones.

OpenStack is made of several other components than just Compute side, which end-up in background supporting Compute facility.

Here I'll quickly discuss how other components are useful in their own way and have far greater potential than just supporting the mighty Compute.

Abhishek Kumar

November 17, 2013

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  1. O p e n S t a c k >

    (OpenStack) OpenStack Is More Than Just OpenStack @aBionic http://goo.gl/i3OjAo
  2. @aBionic http://goo.gl/i3OjAo

  3. @aBionic http://goo.gl/i3OjAo

  4. @aBionic http://goo.gl/i3OjAo

  5. @aBionic http://goo.gl/i3OjAo

  6. @aBionic http://goo.gl/i3OjAo

  7. @aBionic Neutron http://goo.gl/i3OjAo

  8. @aBionic Neutron Ceilometer, Heat, Ironic http://goo.gl/i3OjAo

  9. @aBionic n o v a openstack-docker http://goo.gl/i3OjAo

  10. @aBionic s w i f t cloud files, S3-emu http://goo.gl/i3OjAo

  11. @aBionic http://goo.gl/i3OjAo