Decathlon Sport Meeting - Grails, a new sport discipline - Greach'15

Decathlon Sport Meeting - Grails, a new sport discipline - Greach'15

Talk given in
Greach 2015
2015 April 10th

Antonio de la Torre @adelatorrefoss
Alonso Torres @alotor


Decathlon’s mission is to make sport accessible to more people. Decathlon SportMeeting, its new social network, was created to take this one step further, allowing everyone to find people who share their sport and their passion.

DSM was defined from scratch to support the actual traffic with more than 100k registered users, 1000 active sport proposals for more than 30 sports.

This web platform is entirely built with Groovy & Grails but there are also applications in Android and iOS that use its RESTful API. Along the development process several plugins were created and open-sourced to the community.

In this talk Kaleidos will explain how the development of this platform was, some of the technical decisions that were made, lessons learned, pitfalls or how the infrastructure has been evolving for almost 3 years, and much more.