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Complete View from ISS

Complete View from ISS

Our goal is to build an immersive view from the ISS in any direction, nadir, limb-ward and star-ward, as the views are available. We want to create a mechanism to allow organizing/tagging/crowdsourcing of information that would improve the usability of the imagery for science and educational projects.


May 29, 2012

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  1. Complete  View  from  the  ISS  
    Random  Hacks  of  Kindness,  June  2012  

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  3. Project  goals  
    •  Organize  high  volume  of  imagery  and  
    metadata  for  easy  search    
    •  Enable  crowdsourcing  of  specific  data  points  
    •  Use  the  imagery  database  to  sKtch  a  
    “complete  view”  in  any  direcKon  from  the  ISS  
    •  Make  it  beauKful  and  easy  to  use  

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  5. Metadata  per  image  
    •  Mission  
    •  Lens,  roll  and  frame  
    •  Date,  Kme  
    •  Earth  limb  reference    
    •  Nadir  laKtude,  longitude,  and  alKtude  
    •  Angle  of  elevaKon  
    •  Geographic  name  and  feature  

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  6. Crowdmapping  FuncKons  
    •  Manually  determine  center  longitude  of  image  
    •  Manually  determine  center  laKtude  of  image  
    •  Tilt  angle  of  photo  
    •  Percentage  of  photo  covered  in  clouds  
    •  IdenKficaKon  of  unusual  features  

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  7. Sample  Data  Set  
    •  30+  high  quality  raw  images    
    •  Example  reference  data  for  tesKng  
    •  Gateway  for  Astronaut  Imagery  of  Earth  

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