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Everyone has something to offer

Everyone has something to offer

Sometimes users of open source code feel they can only contribute back in the form of code. This lightning talk from Joy of Coding 2017 discusses alternate ways to bring value to a project and be a part of its community in the process.

Adrian Cole

June 30, 2017

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  1. Open Source is different code is the easy part Not

    going to discuss well-understood contributions like coding documenting or testing Organizations and independents drive change Features exist in a population of varying interest
  2. code Relevance Attention Community Code is not enough So how

    does value flow in this process? How can you contribute?
  3. Relevance is value Stories are a currency of practice Comment

    on features others requested Share site or deployment practice
  4. Attention is value find ways to unblock people you need

    Is a different project blocking someone you need? Can you broker help for a specialized task (like UI)?
  5. Community is value Insure the project against passing interest Help

    find diverse need for change Recognize and thank people who help Help with twitter, meet ups, chat rooms
  6. code Share Practice Clear Roadblocks Engage Community @adrianfcole works at

    Pivotal works on Zipkin Champions do more than code