Rails meets Protocol Buffers - for Schema First Development

Rails meets Protocol Buffers - for Schema First Development

Rails Developers Meetup 2019
SESSION: B-8 (ja) @aeroastro

When separated frontend team and backend team cooperate on the same project, they sometimes have difficulties in correctly and efficiently sharing the API information, the interface between the teams. This is the case not only in web application development but also in game backend development.

In this session, the effectiveness of Schema First Development will be presented. Also, as an example of its application in game development, we will take a look at Rails with Protocol Buffers.



このセッションでは、このような課題に対してのスキーマファースト開発の有用性、および、ゲーム開発への適用の一例として、Rails と Protocol Buffers を組み合わせた開発手法を紹介します。


Takumasa Ochi

March 22, 2019