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継続的デリバリー (Continuous Delivery)

継続的デリバリー (Continuous Delivery)

Introduced Continuous Delivery to the Operations Research Society of Japan


Allan Espinosa

July 13, 2015

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  1. CONTINUOUS DELIVERY 継続的デリバリー To Deliver Organizational Value Allan Espinosa

  2. MY BACKGROUND https://aespinosa.github.io


  4. None
  5. None
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  8. None
  9. None
  10. None
  11. AGENDA Nature of Software gov.uk 政府デジタルサー ビス Importance of feedback

  12. SOFTWARE “Software is eating the world” 「 世界を飲み込むソフトウェア」 –Marc Andreesen

  13. EARLY SOFTWARE 軍産複合体 one customer products do not change specifications

    do not change 簡単な開発時代
  14. BUSINESSES TODAY 急速な変化 technology market culture

  15. SOFTWARE TODAY inexpensive prototyping usable prototypes fast customer feedback IT

    as competitive advantage
  16. GOV.UK 政府デジタルサー ビス (GDS) “… empower, and make life simple

    for citizens, and at the same time allow government to turn other things off.” –Martha Lane Fox, 2010 [10]
  17. PROBLEM “British National Health Service” [6] 2002年: 4千3百億円 budget over

    budget failed to deliver 2011年: cancelled!! ~ 1兆9千億円 total
  18. PROCUREMENT detailed specifications contracted out for bidding outsourced to everywhere

    2 years to start on a product [9] vendor lock-in expensive changes
  19. モルトケ No plan survives contact with the enemy [4]

  20. AUFTRAGSTAKTIK Moltke’s doctrine Mission Command「 訓令戦術」 Intent, purpose of order

  21. DESIGN PRINCIPLES 1. Start with needs 2. Do less 3.

    Design with data 4. Do the hard work to make it simple 5. Iterate. Then iterate again. 6. This is for everyone 7. Understand context 8. Build digital services, not websites 9. Be consistent, not uniform 10. Make things open: it makes things better
  22. GDS TODAY 2014年: 95億円 savings per year 88 updates in

    8-days [3]
  23. EXECUTION alpha and beta multi-disciplinary teams 継続的デリバリー

  24. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT a learning process customers product market coping with

    uncertainty iterative
  25. SUPPORTING CHANGES Unanticipated constant testing simplify code releasable High quality

  26. ALPHA AND BETA From p. 200 of Lean Enterprise [2]

  27. From p. 200 of Lean Enterprise [2] 継続的デリバリー Rolling changes

    safe quick sustainable
  28. DEPLOYMENT PIPELINE Image © 2015 Jez Humble under a CC-BY-SA

    4.0 License

  30. TDD Test-Driven Development「 テスト駆動開発」 catching defects understanding features delivering features

    reliably and predictably rapid feedback on design Testing as a design activity
  31. TDD CYCLE Image © 2010 Nat Pryce under a CC-BY-SA

    4.0 License
  32. UNCERTAINTY From p. 37 of Growing Object Oriented Software Guided

    by Tests [1]

  34. REFERENCES 1. S. Freeman and N. Pryce, Growing Object-Oriented Software

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