Operability in Serverless Environments

Operability in Serverless Environments


Having your web applications inside serverless environments doesn’t mean forgetting operations. Others have already emphasized what to watch out for in terms of operability in serverless environments. Even though the technology stack, APIs and level of abstractions changed, the first principles in running, operating and maintaining your service for your customers is almost the same.

These concepts applies to your organization supporting your serverless applications as well. For example, without a corresponding organizational transformation, having a serverless team becomes a short-term organizational hack. The interest from technical debit will ask for payment. And suddenly, you realize that you’re back to where you started!

In this talk, I will share some lessons learned from running Platform-as-a-Service Solutions from my experiences as a backend services team and a vendor. There are a lot of similarities since both value propositions to developers and the rest of the organization are similar. Conway’s law is still alive and well when setting up teams to build and run your serverless applications.


Allan Espinosa

October 01, 2016