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AffiliateTraction has developed a centralized, web based dashboard that integrates brand oversight vendors, affiliate networks, product datafeed solutions, promotion code tracking, and asset management into one interface.


AffiliateTraction Canada

October 29, 2012


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    L3R 0M3 • Page 1 of 2 Incubating, Growing and Managing Affiliate Programs for Over 12 years Page 1 of 2 AffiliateTraction Canada provides all Affiliate Channel Activity in a single dashboard built from the ground up. The AffiliateTraction Canada patent pending technology was developed in order to display “Everything Affiliate” in one place; creating a single 100% transparent location for all AffiliateTraction Canada’s activity, conversation logs, campaign statistics, and creative publisher and network activity. Multi-Network Dashboard: A Multiple network strategy is now empirically the most powerful affiliate channel strategy but can create a multitude of challenges. Using the dashboard, AffiliateTraction Canada has not only eliminated those challenges but developed enhancements. Our dashboard provides sales, traffic and transaction details for multiple networks and is built into a simple user-friendly dashboard, eliminating multiple logins and interface navigation while simplifying reporting across network platforms and eliminating duplicate sales. This was developed by AffiliateTraction Canada and is only available with AffiliateTraction Canada. Brand Oversight Dashboard: AffiliateTraction Canada focuses on more than traffic and sales. Our merchants only want quality traffic and have brand equity to protect. AffiliateTraction Canada spent over a year doing due diligence and developing relationships with the best brand oversight firms. We then combined these technologies with our own services and a single dashboard to offer our clients one interface in which to see not just the results, but specific violation details. This was developed by AffiliateTraction Canada and is only available by AffiliateTraction Canada. Campaign Information Dashboard: The campaign information dashboard contains all information relative to past, present and future (to be approved) campaigns including creatives and offer definitions. Campaign Quality Control: Networks depend on affiliates and affiliates depend on campaigns. Campaigns include consumer offers, creatives, incentives and datafeeds. AffiliateTraction Canada has developed a rating system based on feedback from networks, publishers and conversion data research. We then use the results of this research to develop algorithms to rate campaign elements. This rating system and its results are made transparent to clients and used by our analysis team to make current and future improvements to campaigns. This was developed by AffiliateTraction Canada and is only available by AffiliateTraction Canada. Network Publisher Campaign Opportunities: Network newsletters, agency newsletters, email campaigns and social media campaigns are just a few of the ways AffiliateTraction Canada consistently influences publishers to take advantage of the opportunities and rewards for promoting your offers. Technologies
  2. Reporting: Seeing and understanding your program from every angle is

    critical for making key business decisions. It is for this reason that AffiliateTraction Canada offers custom ad hoc reporting provided by our Programs and Analysis department and a suite of pre-defined reports via the single-point dashboard. Monthly reporting capabilities include a monthly summary of sales and transactions for the purpose of sales reconciliations, allowing clients to identify any transactions that may not qualify for commission payments such as cancelled or returned orders. Transparency: AffiliateTraction Canada’s internal ticket system allows clients complete visibility into the progress of their programs by viewing all correspondence from team members working on the program. It also allows clients to submit requests directly to our team. Universal Container Pixel: We have combined multiple networks, analytics, link appends and more into a single pixel approved by the networks. AffiliateTraction Canada has invested in a solution for the common delays and hassles associated with pixels analytics and link appends. Our solution unifies these requirements by use of our universal container pixel technology. Promotion Code Suppression: AffiliateTraction Canada’s Advanced Promo-Code Suppression Technology was developed out of the requirement for brand equity clients and offline brick and mortar clients to suppress codes that have restrictions and/or are exclusive to other channels. AffiliateTraction Canada’s technology allows for clients to provide “Black Listed Codes”. When these codes are used, the consumer is allowed to continue without interruption and the transaction is tracked as a “Suppressed” transaction. However, neither the network nor the affiliate are compensated. The system then provides detailed reports on what percentage of transactions used restricted codes and even which codes were used for evaluation. Additionally, our technology reports on what percentage of your total transactions used codes, the dollar value, and includes graphing tools to evaluate for hidden opportunities. This was developed by AffiliateTraction Canada and is only available by AffiliateTraction Canada. Social Media Clickless Tracking: Our advanced “Clickless Promo-Code tracking” that tracks sales to a single authorized publisher creates a unique partnership with publishers who have built up large social media bases. Until now social media efforts have not always generated tracking on the first click, directing consumers to a website with thousands of offers where offer potency is diluted, subsequently reducing conversion for specific merchants. Tracking URLs are not allowed in most of these environments and consumers don’t transfer URLs virally. However, they have proven to transfer codes and straight URLs (go to, they have a deal on shoes use this code 1234). Through a network partnership collaboration, AffiliateTraction Canada has made it possible to track Social media, IM, texting and even offline offers. The results have been a 10%-50% incremental increase in sales. Link Verification: The Link Verification Tool not only monitors your affiliate channel links to make certain all destination URLs are correct and not pointing to missing pages, our proprietary Link Verification Tool dynamically updates the link to redirect to your homepage and notifies you that a broken link has been identified, the error type (301, 404 etc) and shows the broken links to be corrected in your universal dashboard. Page 2 of 2 CLIENT NETWORKS AFFILIATES CAMPAIGNS INCENTIVES BRAND ANALYSIS AFFILIATE CHANNEL CONTROL TRANSPARENCY AFFILIATE CHANNEL DASHBOARD CONTROL Complete control over the program TRANSPARENCY Complete communication with clients 416.253.7272 • 3601 Highway 7 East, Suite #400 Markham, Ontario L3R 0M3 • Page 2 of 2