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Affiliate Strategy

Affiliate Strategy

AffiliateTraction Canada's affiliate strategy was developed with over 10 years of experience collaborating with publishers to increase revenue. AffiliateTraction understands publishers' preferences and matches their strategy with best affiliates.


AffiliateTraction Canada

October 20, 2012


  1. Affiliate Strategy AffiliateTraction Canada’s affiliate strategy was developed with over

    a decade of experience collaborating with publishers to increase revenue. AffiliateTraction Canada works with you to define your publisher policies and preferences ensuring your publisher base align with brand policy objectives. Quality publishers have their own preferences. They prefer particular affiliate networks, offer types, verticals, and brands. AffiliateTraction Canada understands these preferences which allow us to match your strategy with the best affiliates. Incubating, Growing and Managing Affiliate Programs for Over 12 years Costs Client Costs Savings Paid Search $500/Month - $500 Performance Media Buys Case-By-Case - Network Emails $3000/Newsletter - $3000/Newsletter Recruiting Activation Optimization AffiliateTraction Canada attracts and engages new affiliates across networks through a combination of personal contact and pro- gram exposure in places affiliates frequent when seeking brands to pro- mote. AffiliateTraction Canada has a team dedicated to activations. Affiliates are personally invited to join your program by phone, social media and/or email. AffiliateTraction Canada has working re- lationships with the top 500 affiliates and the best vertical affiliates. AffiliateTraction Canada’s optimization team special- izes in revenue growth. As- sisted by statistical analysis and proprietary technology, teams are incentivized to grow your program. The optimization team ensures deliverables and consumer offers are implemented, publishers are contacted and lucrative performance media buys are negotiated. AffiliateTraction Canada covers all costs AffiliateTraction Canada produces a custom affiliate information page where publishers can view all avail- able networks, consumer offers, policies, and creative options. Data on this page is kept up to date with current network placement and ac- tivity. AffiliateTraction Canada’s directo- ry offers affiliates virtually every option to find and export precisely what they are looking for across network platforms. CHANNELS Your affiliate channel preferences and policies are used to determine publisher development boundaries. Our dedicated team drives quality affiliates who in turn drive quality consumers. EXAMPLE PLACEMENT - Black Friday/Cyber Monday EXAMPLE PLACEMENT - Top of Category Placement Standard Price - $1,000 slotting fee AT Deliverable - 4% commission increase Standard Price - $3,200 for the month AT Deliverable - 4% commission increase PERSONAL NETWORK EMAIL INVITATION S A DVERTISING AFFILIATETRACTION CONTACT INVITATION S INVITATIONS SOCIAL MED IA RE CRUITMENT DIRECTORIES RECRUITMENT SOCIAL MEDI A PERSONAL CONTACT EMAIL ACTIVATION PERFORMANCE ME DIA BUYS DELIVERABLE DEVELOPMENT PLACEM E NT NEGOTIATIONS OPTIMIZATION 416.253.7272 • 3601 Highway 7 East, Suite #400 Markham, Ontario L3R 0M3 • www.affiliatetraction.ca