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The Future has Arrived - Mary Poppendieck - Agile SG 2016

The Future has Arrived - Mary Poppendieck - Agile SG 2016

Presented in Agile Singapore 2016 Conference


Agile Singapore

October 06, 2016

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  1. It's just not evenly distributed. Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Mary

    Poppendieck mary@poppendieck.com www.poppendieck.com
  2. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 2 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck

  3. Business Software: Why One Server? Monolithic & Slow to change

    ERP Database  Integration On a Single Server CAP Theorem: Partitioned databases must choose between: Availability Consistency Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 3
  4. [c. 2001] Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 4

  5. Get a bigger computer. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 5 Get more computers.

    Google Hardware c. 1999
  6. Amazon ~ 2001 Handle a gazillion transactions All at once

    What Amazon Did: Break transactions into services Replicate bottleneck services Each service owned by a semi‐ autonomous “two pizza” team Option 2: Scale Out Option 1: Scale Up Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 6
  7. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 7 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck

  8. Pinkham moves to South Africa Asked to pursue project there

    Assembles and leads a team Develops EC2 in 2 years EC2 Launches in 2006 10 Years Later: The Cloud has Changed Software Engineering Autonomous Services  Autonomous Service Teams  Independent Deployment  Much Stress in Operations Chris Pinkham (VP Infrastructure) Proposes self‐service deployment for development teams Maybe sell the capability? Time Passes…. Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 8
  9. Simplicity Infrastructure without code Isolation No more multitenant packages Lower

    Cost Cheaper for event‐driven code Utilization Many more apps/server Portability Build once run anywhere Consistency Configuration managed by containers at runtime Isolation Hardened containers protect the contents Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 9 Containers Serverless Software Defined Networks (SDN) Google’s Jupiter Critical for Scale “Jupiter Rising: A Decade of Clos Topologies and Centralized Control in Google’s Datacenter Network”, by Amin Vahdat et al. https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=FaAZAII2x0w
  10. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 10 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck

  11. The Evolution of IT 1996 2016 Running on any available

    set of physical resources (public/private/ virtualized) Assembled by developers using best available services Thin app on mobile, tablet Thick, client‐server app on thick client Well‐defined stack: ‐ O/S ‐ Runtime ‐ Middleware Monolithic Physical Infrastructure www.docker.io 11
  12. Scale Out Technology Platform Scale Up Enterprise Architecture Federated Architecture

    Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 12
  13. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 13 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck

  14. Three Kinds of Systems Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 14 Nassim Nicholas Taleb:

    Antifragile – Things that gain from Disorder Acm Queue, September 2012: “Resilience Engineering: Learning to Embrace Failure” Picture Credit: André Faria Gomes
  15. Periodic Releases Monolith Database as Integrator Stateful Protocols Synchronous Communication

    Procedural Programming Consecutive Execution Defect Free Continuous Delivery Microservices API’s as Integrators Stateless Protocols Asynchronous Communication Event Driven Programming Concurrent Execution Fault Tolerant Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 15
  16. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 16 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck

  17. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 17 More Value for Customers Scale Out Scale

  18. Diverse Design Team Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 18 Stanford d.school Ashish Goel

    More Value for Customers Proven Design Process
  19. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 19 Sketch: Jake Knapp

  20. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 20 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck

  21. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 21 Deep Learning

  22. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 22 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck

  23. A Matchmaker – a business that connects members of one

    group with members of another group. 23 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC
  24. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 24 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck

  25. Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Mary Poppendieck mary@poppendieck.com

  26. Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Mary Poppendieck mary@poppendieck.com