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Refactoring Ourselves

Refactoring Ourselves

It is time for our profession, that of software developers, to realize that kindness is the only possible way forward.

Adrian Kosmaczewski

April 30, 2019

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  1. Karl Sharro Karl Sharro @KarlreMarks Twitter is like a very

    long novel that you read for years. You follow the characters as they change jobs, have kids, argue with airlines. Then the Nazis show up. 25.8K 7:35 AM - Jun 6, 2018 8,625 people are talking about this
  2. MC Casal MC Casal @mccasal Bon ben salut les Genevois

    1 4:34 PM - Oct 2, 2018 See MC Casal's other Tweets
  3. Hunter Lurie Hunter Lurie @hunterlurie which pink floyd album is

    this 105K 10:11 PM - Apr 23, 2018 36.3K people are talking about this
  4. Michael Moore Michael Moore @MMFlint 22.3K 7:19 PM - Jun

    22, 2018 6,233 people are talking about this
  5. Charles Finch Charles Finch @CharlesFinch Let's not rush to judgment

    until we know which ones 336 3:44 PM - Mar 31, 2019 99 people are talking about this
  6. Vikram Paralkar Vikram Paralkar @VikramParalkar 'The Persuasion of the Imbecile'

    by Caravaggio 32K 4:31 PM - Jun 9, 2018 10.5K people are talking about this
  7. Frank Pallotta Frank Pallotta @frankpallotta This is like a painting

    from the Renaissance. 275K 2:26 PM - Apr 22, 2018 80.6K people are talking about this
  8. Cat Swart Cat Swart @Jexx Confused by all the lights

    on your car's instrument panel? This handy guide will help! (Be kind, share this with a friend) 42 8:17 PM - Nov 7, 2018 31 people are talking about this
  9. Richard Sharp Richard Sharp @rws26 Best GDPR joke yet: Man

    (in club): "Hey DJ, play Love to Hate You" DJ: "No" Man: "I demand it under my Right to Erasure" 1,949 8:24 AM - May 5, 2018 936 people are talking about this
  10. akosma akosma @akosma the cookie popup, upgrade 1 1:44 PM

    - Apr 2, 2019 See akosma's other Tweets
  11. Marci Robin Marci Robin @MarciRobin I bought a car today,

    and the dealership had me check off — with a pen, on paper — that I’m not a robot. 83.8K 2:38 AM - May 20, 2018 27.9K people are talking about this
  12. Gerardo Sifuentes Gerardo Sifuentes @Sifuentes ... pic.twitter.com/HdCy7CyXA3 304 7:08 PM

    - Mar 12, 2019 97 people are talking about this Gerardo Sifuentes Gerardo Sifuentes @Sifuentes · Mar 12, 2019 Replying to @Sifuentes ...
  13. Graham Lee Graham Lee @iwasleeg Ah, I understand, it's called

    a "Brexit white paper" because the paper is still completely blank 12 9:02 AM - Jul 9, 2018 See Graham Lee's other Tweets
  14. Kenneth Roth Kenneth Roth @KenRoth China to other governments: we

    can't really defend our detention of one million Uighur Muslims for forced renunciation of Islam, so don't you dare show up at the discussion of our mass abuses at the UN Human Rights Council. trib.al/0Ma0tqO 58 4:40 PM - Apr 1, 2019 79 people are talking about this
  15. Alan Ferrier Alan Ferrier @alanferrier His name may have been

    Wang Wei-Lin. None of us knows what he looks like, but #OTD 29 years ago he was the bravest person in the world. This is the uncropped version of Jeff Widener's famous photo of Tiananmen Square, Beijing, 1989. 3,790 6:54 AM - Jun 5, 2018 2,356 people are talking about this
  16. Sarah Abdallah Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo Saudi Arabia beheaded 37 people

    in a mass execution today. It also publicly pinned the executed body of a man to a pole. It’s an abomination that this regime is associated with anything related to human rights, let alone still somehow sitting on the UN Human Rights Council. 3,954 9:06 PM - Apr 23, 2019 3,059 people are talking about this
  17. Imandeep Kaur Imandeep Kaur @ImmyKaur ‘If climate was a bank

    it would have been saved by now’ 5,750 7:42 PM - Feb 15, 2019 1,813 people are talking about this
  18. I don't want to exaggerate, but I really do think

    Greta is already one of the most important, if not the most important, people in history. She may be repeating scientific conclusions, but the disseminator of a message can be the most critical role of all. AJ+ AJ+ @ajplus "We probably don't even have a future anymore." Listen to this 16-year-old environmental activist's speech at the UK Parliament.
  19. Curiosity Rover Curiosity Rover @MarsCuriosity It seems to me you

    lived your life like a rover in the wind never fading with the sunset when the dust set in. Your tracks will always fall here, among Mars' reddest hills; your candle's burned out long before your science ever will.#ThanksOppy. I owe you so much.
  20. Solarus Solarus @Solarus0 "Nous rebâtirons la cathédrale et je veux

    que ça soit achevé d'ici 5 années" Emmanuel Macron 6,985 9:29 PM - Apr 16, 2019 2,941 people are talking about this
  21. Kaweh Kazemi Kaweh Kazemi @pandareverse My Timeline consists mainly of

    iOS devs, a little bit of WoW, a little bit of Star Trek and superpeople. Mostly western, mostly white. When Notre Dame happened everyone was in shock or grief. Sri Lanka - nearly nothing. This is beyond biased. 9 7:02 AM - Apr 22, 2019 See Kaweh Kazemi's other Tweets
  22. John Sipher John Sipher @john_sipher BREAKING NEWS: Breaking News is

    bullshit. Slow down, read books and longer articles. I was better informed when I got two day late Herald Tribunes when overseas. 19.6K 3:37 PM - May 15, 2018 · Reston, VA 4,483 people are talking about this
  23. Neil deGrasse Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson When did it

    become okay to be more offended by what someone with no power says than by what someone with power does? 299K 3:21 PM - Apr 29, 2018 93.4K people are talking about this
  24. Andrew Rader Andrew Rader @marsrader Just in case a Soyuz

    capsule ever lands near you, they're marked with IKEA-like instructions on how to rescue the occupants. 1,931 1:19 AM - Jun 24, 2018 645 people are talking about this
  25. Graham Lee Graham Lee @iwasleeg Campaign to claim back the

    phrase "the Donald" for computer scientists 22 3:59 PM - Nov 20, 2018 See Graham Lee's other Tweets
  26. Morgan Lockhart Morgan Lockhart @missdoomcookie The meme's been lady dev

    editioned by @pragmacat. 1,473 11:00 PM - Mar 1, 2019 331 people are talking about this
  27. Roly Perera Roly Perera @rolyperera Software development tools 1,851 9:04

    PM - Jan 27, 2019 725 people are talking about this
  28. The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse The Best Linux

    Blog In the Unixverse @nixcraft Clever, no further explanation needed. 1,865 9:17 PM - Mar 6, 2019 657 people are talking about this
  29. Fernando Rodríguez Fernando Rodríguez @frr149 - The Matrix?! - <sigh>

    Yep 60 9:20 AM - Feb 27, 2019 34 people are talking about this
  30. Christina Zhu Christina Zhu @cszhu software engineering be like zz

    z z <⌒/ヽ- 、___ /<_/____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ∧_∧ I FIGURED OUT ( ・ω ・) HOW TO FIX THAT BUG _| ⊃/(___ / └-(____/ 66.4K 11:46 PM - Apr 19, 2019 16.4K people are talking about this
  31. Lisa Dziuba Lisa Dziuba @LisaDziuba iOS development in 2019 1,789

    1:28 PM - Apr 22, 2019 541 people are talking about this
  32. Joe Duffy Joe Duffy @funcOfJoe 25yrs ago: COM (focus on

    your biz logic) 20yrs ago: Java (focus on your biz logic) 15yrs ago: .NET (focus on your biz logic) 10yrs ago: Dynamic langs (focus on your biz logic) 5yrs ago: Microservices (focus on your biz logic) 0yrs ago: Serverless (focus on your biz logic) 2,571 4:04 AM - Mar 27, 2019 998 people are talking about this
  33. Paul Ardeleanu Paul Ardeleanu @pardel Damn, I miss the spaces

    vs tabs debates... 2 1:55 PM - Apr 22, 2019 See Paul Ardeleanu's other Tweets
  34. Brett Terpstra thought it was nice to meet you Brett

    Terpstra thought it was nice to meet you @ttscoff WTF. Can't update Xcode because my OS isn't up to date but can't update my OS because my OS is up to date. ckyp.us/CLqmN2 4 1:54 PM - Apr 21, 2019 · Winona, MN See Brett Terpstra thought it was nice to meet you's other Tweets Screen Shot on 2019-04-21 at 08-53-30.png Screen Shot on 2019-04-21 at 08-53-30.png Shared with Droplr ckyp.us
  35. Tricertops Tricertops @Tricertops I have 40 GB of free space,

    but Xcode cannot be updated. Maybe the next macOS will finally fix things? Or the one after that? 27 7:32 AM - Apr 23, 2019 See Tricertops's other Tweets
  36. Claudio De Sio Claudio De Sio @cdesio Thanks for inventing

    #javascript! ;-) 4,680 9:03 PM - Jun 30, 2018 2,756 people are talking about this
  37. Tony Arcieri Tony Arcieri @bascule OSS chat solutions: - 2008:

    IRC - 2018: You are in a maze filled with dozens of twisty Electron- based chat apps, mostly alike 833 1:50 AM - Nov 25, 2018 247 people are talking about this
  38. Nick Lockwood Nick Lockwood @nicklockwood Proponents of Electron say native

    tools provide poor developer experience Critics of Electron are complaining about *end user* experience There are valid points to be made on both sides, but I don't think it's tribalism to suggest that as developers we should prioritize users. 447 9:59 AM - Apr 25, 2018 191 people are talking about this
  39. Ben Sandofsky Ben Sandofsky @sandofsky The only people I know

    who prefer a web experience are web developers. Benedict Evans Benedict Evans @benedictevans Apps and the web. 323 6:27 PM - Jan 31, 2019 105 people are talking about this
  40. Ben Sandofsky Ben Sandofsky @sandofsky There’s a rumor React Native

    was abandoned in the main Facebook app. Anyone heard similar/different? 393 7:45 PM - Jun 1, 2018 220 people are talking about this
  41. Oliver Jones Oliver Jones @orj No one I’ve seen actually

    explains what business problem React Native solves. In the space I work in the vast majority of problems are organisational (deciding what to build etc) and building APIs for apps to use. The native app is the easy bit. 59 1:00 PM - Jun 23, 2018 34 people are talking about this
  42. Graham Lee Graham Lee @iwasleeg The opposite of a Progressive

    Web App is a Retrogressive Web App, so called because the back button works as expected. 76 9:10 AM - Jun 25, 2018 See Graham Lee's other Tweets
  43. Paul Taykalo Paul Taykalo @TT_Kilew Doom3 in the browser... Why

    not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯wasm.continuation- labs.com/d3demo/ 5 8:16 PM - Feb 27, 2019 See Paul Taykalo's other Tweets
  44. Maximiliano Firtman Maximiliano Firtman @firt We have a new wave:

    earthflatters of the Web. I've seen myself lately explaining and debating (with no much luck changing opinions) on —why semantic html —why no public sourcemaps —why performance —why a11y —why no storing client side personal data with no need —why responsive Adam Rackis Adam Rackis @AdamRackis Are there any benefits to writing semantic html *besides* accessibility? Even within accessibility, is it not true that attributes can achieve that? 130 5:30 PM - Mar 24, 2019 71 people are talking about this
  45. Susanna Riccardi Susanna Riccardi @SusannaChuck my entire afternoon: - we

    need to fix this on IE - ok fixed - but now it doesn't work on safari - ok fixed - but now it doesn't work on firefox lord save me 24 3:09 PM - Mar 6, 2019 See Susanna Riccardi's other Tweets
  46. Lena Hall Lena Hall @lenadroid Use the full power of

    VR to master reading minified JavaScript #stockphoto #weird 1,483 2:44 AM - May 25, 2018 522 people are talking about this
  47. Ser Barristan of House Scott, first of his name Ser

    Barristan of House Scott, first of his name @bazscott There has been a cross-platform tool in iOS and Android and Mac and Windows from the beginning - it’s called C. Oh, sorry, is that not hipster enough for you hipsters? I thought you liked old things? 43 3:15 AM - May 1, 2018 16 people are talking about this
  48. DEV Community DEV Community @ThePracticalDev She runs C shells by

    the seashore 9,440 4:44 PM - Sep 16, 2016 5,044 people are talking about this
  49. Chris Hanson Chris Hanson @eschaton Anyone remember that the original

    idea behind POSIX was that for critical and long-lived systems—eg industrial control, large databases, and so on—you could write against one API and achieve easy and consistent portability? 11 7:28 PM - Apr 10, 2019 · Campbell, CA See Chris Hanson's other Tweets
  50. LokiAstari LokiAstari @LokiAstari int main() { [](){}(); } 6 11:03

    PM - Sep 24, 2018 See LokiAstari's other Tweets Richard Smith Richard Smith @zygoloid · Sep 24, 2018 I'm running a mini contest during this year's @CppCon! Show me the most awful, surprising, horrific, inventive, well-formed C++ construct you can fit in a tweet. Best entry as judged by me wins an iPad. #cppcon #cppcon2018
  51. mcc mcc @mcclure111 Sometimes the C++ compiler prints something and

    I feel like I'm trying to talk to Lassie. What is it, Lassie. Is something wrong, Lassie. Is Timmy okay. What the heck are you trying to communicate to me you fucking dog I don't speak Endless Barking 3,099 6:30 AM - Dec 27, 2018 876 people are talking about this
  52. akosma akosma @akosma i don't even wat 4 1:39 PM

    - Feb 25, 2019 See akosma's other Tweets
  53. Timur Doumler Timur Doumler @timur_audio Initialization in Modern C++. 5,410

    3:09 PM - Jun 5, 2018 2,537 people are talking about this
  54. ericasadun ericasadun @ericasadun I feel there is a paper about

    domain inversion somewhere in this image 67 7:31 PM - Feb 27, 2019 See ericasadun's other Tweets
  55. JesseSchell JesseSchell @jesseschell No matter how beautiful your interface is,

    it would be better if there were less of it. -Edward Tufte 220 12:30 PM - Feb 26, 2019 51 people are talking about this
  56. Dmitri Sotnikov Dmitri Sotnikov ⚛ ⚛ @yogthos 76 2:59 AM

    - Jun 4, 2018 27 people are talking about this
  57. Hisham Hisham @hisham_hm Discussing git branching strategies sounds almost like

    a game of chess: merge master into next; merge next into release/1.0; branch release/0.15 off next; commit and tag 1.0 on release/1.0; merge release/1.0 into master; merge master into next; checkmate. 13 11:29 AM - Dec 15, 2018 See Hisham's other Tweets
  58. Bruno Borges Bruno Borges @brunoborges $ whoami ubuntu $ whereami

    In a Docker container. Inside a Kubernetes cluster. Running in a VM. On top of a Hypervisor. In someone else's datacenter. $ howdidigethere No. Fucking. Clue. 8,880 3:42 AM - Jun 3, 2018 3,527 people are talking about this
  59. Deadprogrammer Deadprogrammer @deadprogrammer AWS is not about paying for what

    you use, it’s about paying for what you forgot to turn off. 12.6K 4:26 AM - Apr 24, 2019 3,413 people are talking about this
  60. dvlpr dvlpr @dvIpr When you've lost your API key 7,170

    4:26 AM - Oct 21, 2018 2,093 people are talking about this
  61. Ry Amidon Ry Amidon @ryamidon There are 3 kinds of

    iOS app update release notes: - bugfix - Thanks for using our app! We regularly update to improve, etc - Yoiks! The bug squashing bunny came a hoppin’ through the bug prairie and stomped on some bugs! We fed him some carrots and called him a good boy 409 6:55 PM - Jun 19, 2018 130 people are talking about this
  62. Ⓒⓐⓡⓞ @_Caro_N I love how this tiny comment on StackOverflow

    got 23 upvotes 81 11:08 AM - Jul 12, 2018 See Ⓒⓐⓡⓞ's other Tweets
  63. Facu Facu @facundomr #Android 3rd party apps with Google Maps

    are not working on @HuaweiMobile phones since the last Google Play Services update (May 11th). Support from the company is terrible... #androiddev 8 2:56 AM - May 13, 2018 See Facu's other Tweets
  64. John Daniel John Daniel @etresoft Respect? With an ageist insult

    like "dinosaur"? That kind of always already thinking doesn't even respect the actual dinosaurs, who ruled the earth for 66 million years. Swift is just a socially- mediated technique used by young programmers to overcome their lack of experience. 4 11:46 AM - May 3, 2018 See John Daniel's other Tweets [renaud _lienhart]; [renaud _lienhart]; @layoutSubviews · May 2, 2018 Apart from the wonky tooling, developing in Swift makes me so, so productive & happy. I have immense respect for the dinosaurs who still swear by Objective- C, but they are missing a (r)evolution and may get left behind.
  65. Susanna Riccardi Susanna Riccardi @SusannaChuck what about moving in with

    your girlfriend isn’t that crazy too pic.twitter.com/P00ptv9aEY 10 5:50 PM - Nov 6, 2018 See Susanna Riccardi's other Tweets Patrick Balestra Patrick Balestra @BalestraPatrick · Nov 6, 2018 Turning 22 today! Last year was probably the craziest year of my life: graduated university, moved to a new country and got my dream job
  66. Steven Sinofsky Steven Sinofsky @stevesi By age 35 you will

    routinely exercise in t-shirts memorializing life events older than the interns on your team. 1,577 6:36 AM - May 21, 2018 · Palo Alto, CA 163 people are talking about this
  67. Slava Pestov Slava Pestov @slava_pestov One of the consequences of

    the software industry’s age bias is that much of what you use on a daily basis is developed by people for whom it is their first real project. This is why the same mistakes are made over and over again 777 10:46 PM - Jul 6, 2018 295 people are talking about this
  68. laura lemay laura lemay @lemay It seems like a large

    portion of being over 40 in tech involves listening to younger people with Big Ideas, sighing deeply, and muttering “yes, we all knew about that 20 years ago.” Dylan Wilbanks, Human Grumpy Cat Dylan Wilbanks, Human Grumpy Cat @dylanw It's 2019 and a big chunk of the UX world has suddenly gone "wait, content is important to the user's experience" and I'm just like WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THE LAST *TWENTY-FIVE* YEARS 42 4:42 PM - Jan 15, 2019 15 people are talking about this
  69. Mr. Drinks On Me #MI Mr. Drinks On Me #MI

    @Mr_DrinksOnMe Interviewer: Do you think Brazil's 1970 team can beat today's Argentina? Pelé: Yes. Interviewer: By how much? Pelé: 1:0 Interviewer: That's it? Pelé: Well, most of us are over 75 now. 161K 10:28 AM - Jun 24, 2018 36.4K people are talking about this
  70. Matthew Green Matthew Green @matthew_d_green I’m starting a non-profit public

    Foundation called “Put Dates on Your Research Papers, People”. 1,258 6:01 PM - Feb 27, 2019 234 people are talking about this
  71. Chaos Chaos @chaosprime if Al Gore didn't invent the internet

    why are algorithms named after him huh 26.1K 1:34 PM - Jan 26, 2019 6,099 people are talking about this
  72. Mastering Vim Mastering Vim @MasteringVim "People have attempted to steal

    it several times, but each one hasn't been able to figure out how to open the door to get out." Source: reddit.com/r/vim/comments… 179 11:28 AM - Jul 7, 2018 59 people are talking about this
  73. Garen J. Torikian Garen J. Torikian @gjtorikian A Sr. Engineer’s

    responsibility isn’t to make puns, work on whatever they want, & fly around the world giving talks. MENTOR others to become better than you. DENOUNCE toxic culture. CRITICIZE decisions that hurt others. Programming is EASY. Being a decent human is still hard. 5,296 10:37 PM - Feb 1, 2019 1,661 people are talking about this
  74. Christina Zhu Christina Zhu @cszhu me explaining our 10 year

    old legacy code to our new hires 6,221 7:52 PM - Jan 29, 2019 1,446 people are talking about this
  75. cube drone cube drone @cube_drone onezero.medium.com/ctrl-alt-delet… When I was young

    I wondered "Where are all the old coders?" then I worked for a year at a telecom and let me tell you: found 'em 8 5:30 PM - Mar 16, 2019 See cube drone's other Tweets Ctrl-Alt-Delete: The Planned Obsolescence of Old Coders Ctrl-Alt-Delete: The Planned Obsolescence of Old Coders Old coders never die, they just become middle managers. onezero.medium.com
  76. Dare Obasanjo Dare Obasanjo @Carnage4Life What's it like being a

    woman in tech? You're an MIT grad who worked on creating the first pictures ever taken of a black hole and a bunch of tech bros scour your Github check-ins to prove you wrote less code than the men on the project. Ugh. reddit.com/r/unpopularopi… 7,961 2:53 AM - Apr 12, 2019 4,025 people are talking about this Katie Bouman should not be getting credit for the pictur Katie Bouman should not be getting credit for the pictur… … reddit.com
  77. Joe Groff Joe Groff @jckarter You got it the other

    way around. Swift is objective c++ without objectives 7 7:17 PM - Jan 21, 2019 See Joe Groff's other Tweets Marcel Weiher Marcel Weiher
  78. Daniel Pasco Daniel Pasco @dlpasco Shooting from the hip: what

    if Apple had invested in ironing out issues in Xcode instead of making a new language? Or took on the most popularly demanded bug/feature enhancements instead? 14 6:11 PM - Jun 10, 2018 See Daniel Pasco's other Tweets Daniel Pasco Daniel Pasco @dlpasco · Jun 10, 2018 Replying to @dlpasco Imagine telling your landlord “we really need the wiring in the house fixed” and having them come back and say “I built you a hot tub”. Well, damn, it’s a fine hot tub, yes, thanks. But not living with a fire hazard and having the lights work would have been better.
  79. Stephen Darlington Stephen Darlington @sdarlington Okay, I’ll get right to

    Gate Null. 8 3:18 PM - Mar 24, 2019 See Stephen Darlington's other Tweets
  80. Ilja A. Iwas Ilja A. Iwas @iljawascoding After tinkering for

    well over a year, we are close to dumping Swift on the server, and rewriting our app in something else. Memory keeps leaking at alarming rate (~1 GB+/day). Combination of Vapor 3, SwiftNIO, & Swift Foundation for Linux doesn’t seem production ready. 94 8:14 PM - Mar 25, 2019 51 people are talking about this
  81. niftierideology niftierideology @niftierideology Haskell is very simple. Everything is composed

    of Functads which are themselves a Tormund of Gurmoids, usually defined over the Devons. All you have to do is stick one Devon inside a Tormund and it yields Reverse Functads (Actually Functoids) you use to generate Unbound Gurmoids. 2,479 6:34 PM - Jul 15, 2018 838 people are talking about this
  82. Zach Waugh Zach Waugh @zachwaugh JavaScript: “function” Swift: “func” Kotlin:

    “fun” Rust: “fn” If you’re writing a new programming language, you know what you have to do 9,080 11:32 PM - Feb 28, 2019 3,015 people are talking about this
  83. Nick Craver Nick Craver @Nick_Craver "How language creators choose the

    function to get the size of an array" - from /r/programmerhumor 654 2:46 AM - Nov 25, 2018 269 people are talking about this
  84. Brian P . Hogan Brian P . Hogan @bphogan Software

    dev is 20% code and 80% people. Yet this industry pushes coding. We create code “bootcamps” , create “everyone should code” startups, crap on “soft skills” or anything that isn’t typing code, divide on “tech” and “non-tech”. Code is 20%. And I’m being generous. 3,585 2:46 AM - Jun 6, 2018 1,433 people are talking about this
  85. DM of Engineering DM of Engineering @dmofengineering Your team is

    moving to a new office! The CFO chose an open plan against your recommendation “for efficiency.” Roll 2d10 for how much turnover increases because no one can concentrate. 1,710 2:31 AM - Apr 28, 2018 657 people are talking about this
  86. DHH DHH @dhh Three quarters of the 8,700 respondents do

    NOT like to work in an open office. Odds of company bosses actually taking this overwhelmingly negative sentiment into consideration when designing their new MODERN, COLLABORATIVE PHOTO OP SPACE? 0%. DHH DHH @dhh Poll: Do you like working in an open office? 635 7:21 PM - Jul 11, 2018 297 people are talking about this
  87. akosma akosma @akosma shopowner on documentary about jewelry on French

    TV: “this worker makes a unique ring with a diamond worth hundreds of thousands, this requires silence for concentration and precision.” software developer writing code worth billions: thrown on open space with foosball table. 32 9:46 PM - Dec 10, 2017 21 people are talking about this
  88. Scott Berkun Scott Berkun @berkun "You get back to that

    goddam cubicle and start thinking outside of the box" - Creativity Corporation 213 8:36 PM - Mar 2, 2015 228 people are talking about this
  89. Cheddar Cheddar @cheddar This box mutes your voice so you

    can make phone calls in public. 17.6K 11:35 PM - Jan 21, 2019 7,373 people are talking about this
  90. Fernando Cejas Fernando Cejas @fernando_cejas ABOVE: what your customers want.

    BELOW: their budgets.#developer #dev #android #ios #androiddev #Programming 41 1:38 PM - Jul 4, 2018 26 people are talking about this
  91. trcull trcull @trcull Not once in my 20 year career

    have I seen a sales person held accountable for selling something that doesn’t exist. And yet I’ve seen countless engineers held accountable for not delivering something that was sold that didn’t exist. My single biggest frustration with our industry 8,763 11:00 PM - Apr 18, 2018 4,000 people are talking about this
  92. I Am Recruitr I Am Recruitr @iamrecruitr JOB AD: *

    Must have 10+ years Swift experience * Must have a PhD in Aqueous Geoochemistry from a top tier University * Must be a team player *zero applications later* Founder Blog Post: The War For Talent is real 3,319 9:07 AM - Jul 6, 2018 796 people are talking about this
  93. polar polar @p01arst0rm capitalism: wow i cant see any cyber

    security professionals anywhere juniors: uhh?? capitalism: not one person worth hiring WiT: u sure? capitalism: when will this skill shortage end PoC: excuse me, sir- capitalism: NO ONE AROUND ANYWHERE 948 2:43 AM - Jan 28, 2019 278 people are talking about this
  94. willman duffy willman duffy @willmanduffy If a binary tree falls

    down in the forest and there’s no one there to reverse it on a whiteboard would you be willing to relocate to SF? 2,184 12:12 AM - Jun 14, 2016 1,481 people are talking about this
  95. Marin Todorov Marin Todorov @icanzilb It (still) amuses me that

    recruiters keep sending me those hefty PDFs with photos of happy people around a table and list stuff like “company blog” or “flexible hours” but nothing about how’s the pay or how much vacation/year. You know - stuff that matter. 46 7:07 AM - Mar 12, 2019 See Marin Todorov's other Tweets
  96. I Am Recruitr I Am Recruitr @iamrecruitr Things no Recruiter

    has ever actually done: 1. Represented a candidate exclusively 2. Sourced a candidate via github 3. Known what DevOps actually is 4. Sincerely hoped someone is well 635 8:52 PM - Feb 19, 2019 114 people are talking about this
  97. jessie frazelle jessie frazelle @jessfraz Never think that a job

    interview is a one-way interview. At least, personally, I always am interviewing the potential team as well. No, you don't have all the control as the interviewer. 1,608 2:45 PM - Apr 27, 2018 297 people are talking about this
  98. daisyowl daisyowl @daisyowl engineers on a normal work day: "Hmm,

    anyone know how to open a folder? Ugh I'll just google it." engineers interviewing other engineers: "How is the geodesic distance between quaternions defined and what are the implications for complex rotations in non-euclidean 4- space?" 6,185 12:58 AM - Feb 22, 2019 2,354 people are talking about this
  99. Lorin Halpert Lorin Halpert @Lorin “What is your greatest weakness?”

    “Answering the semantics of a question while ignoring the pragmatics provided by context.” “Interesting. Could you give me an example?” “Yes.” 13.7K 8:53 PM - May 28, 2018 5,317 people are talking about this
  100. lynn cyrin (they / them) lynn cyrin (they / them)

    @lynncyrin When interviewing at a company, can I ask to look at some of their code? I wanna check for like ancient versions of libraries (angular 1, python 2) // nonexistent infrastructure (no tests, no ci) // code that's clearly a garbage fire (you know it when you see it) 382 6:00 PM - Jun 13, 2018 104 people are talking about this
  101. Peter Steinberger Peter Steinberger @steipete “When hiring senior engineers, you’re

    not buying, you’re selling.”hiringengineersbook.com/post/trouble-h… 181 10:43 PM - Jan 21, 2019 71 people are talking about this
  102. Dan Douglas Dan Douglas @dandouglas EVERY COMPANY: we'd like to

    promote "mental health in the workplace" ME: how about employing more ppl so the ppl employed are less pressured and paying them more to offset the stress of spiralling living costs and also giving ppl perm contracts EVERY COMPANY: lol no not like that 72.4K 10:28 PM - May 1, 2018 24K people are talking about this
  103. Chris Hartjes Chris Hartjes @grmpyprogrammer All my friends who are

    anti-union — you are undermining the ability of workers to collectively negotiate and prevent being abused by shitty employers 15 3:28 PM - May 21, 2018 See Chris Hartjes's other Tweets Chris Hartjes Chris Hartjes @grmpyprogrammer · May 21, 2018 I was in a union when I worked at a grocery store. The union helped me when my boss tried to punish me because I laughed at the concept that my job there should be the most important thing in my life
  104. Mitchell Harper Mitchell Harper @mitchellharper I strongly believe in 5

    years people will laugh at the idea of commuting an hour each way to an office where they pretend to be productive from 9-5, non stop. If your team isn’t distributed now, you’re missing one of the biggest productivity shifts in our lifetime. 11K 5:55 AM - May 15, 2018 4,055 people are talking about this
  105. Rodolphe Dutel Rodolphe Dutel @rdutel - Our company doesn’t offer

    remote work. - I see... is your Sales team on-site? - No, they're on the road. - How about Leadership? - Always travelling… - Legal & Accounting? - Externalised! - IT? - Mostly outsourced... - 2,087 9:23 AM - Feb 27, 2019 624 people are talking about this
  106. Seb Sabouné Seb Sabouné @SebSab What.The.Actual.Fuck #revolut Time for everyone

    to cut that card up? 503 11:44 AM - Feb 28, 2019 376 people are talking about this
  107. Jani Eväkallio Jani Eväkallio @jevakallio Software consultancy in 2 acts:

    - We'd love to work with you on this project but you are too expensive (cut to few months later) - We have this terrible mess our other vendor left us with, how much will it cost to fix it? 2,059 7:08 PM - Feb 26, 2018 748 people are talking about this
  108. Johnny Vee Johnny Vee @jxhn "I don't have a lot

    of money, but think of the exposure you'll get!" 10 11:13 PM - Mar 4, 2019 See Johnny Vee's other Tweets
  109. Graham Lee Graham Lee @iwasleeg Everything you say to me

    / takes me one step closer to the edge / and I'm about to add you to my professional network - "One Step Closer", LinkedIn Park 13 8:42 PM - Jun 6, 2018 See Graham Lee's other Tweets
  110. Mark Dalgleish Mark Dalgleish @markdalgleish 3,929 7:57 PM - Mar

    12, 2019 1,462 people are talking about this
  111. Jayme Edwards Jayme Edwards @jaymeedwards This is why we need

    to stop certification of scrum masters with no development experience. I’m sorry but if the business is paying me $175/hr. to lead a team and they’re a scrum master making $75k/yr, spending my time teaching them how software works is ineffective. 16 4:44 PM - Feb 24, 2019 See Jayme Edwards's other Tweets Jayme Edwards Jayme Edwards @jaymeedwards · Feb 24, 2019 Replying to @alshalloway and 3 others We don’t. We get rid of management that aren’t adding value to the production of product. I will not help people who have no business being in software advance their career as a bean counter.
  112. Reyner Crosby Reyner Crosby @reyner OH: “So how do levels

    for iOS engineers work? Is it like, engineer, senior engineer, then podcast host?” 1,658 3:40 AM - Jun 29, 2018 · Hayes Valley, San Francisco 253 people are talking about this
  113. Lauren Duca Lauren Duca @laurenduca Did You Know: A group

    of two or more white men is called “a podcast” 96.1K 3:41 AM - Feb 18, 2019 12.4K people are talking about this
  114. I Am Devloper I Am Devloper @iamdevloper Being the only

    developer in a team of 2 doesn't make you CTO. 7,274 8:36 AM - Jun 10, 2018 1,648 people are talking about this
  115. whitequark whitequark @whitequark the app that should increase productivity is

    called "slack" the app that should help build communities is called "discord" fine 1,396 2:59 AM - Jan 29, 2019 397 people are talking about this
  116. sarah jeong sarah jeong @sarahjeong the year is 2050. running

    adobe reader takes up 50% CPU of the most powerful machines available to consumers. the carbon emissions from reading PDFs now exceed motor vehicles. it's still impossible to copy/paste text from a pdf 560 6:48 PM - Jun 4, 2018 185 people are talking about this sarah jeong sarah jeong @sarahjeong · Jun 4, 2018 Replying to @sarahjeong the other day i read a tweet about how adobe acrobat is bulky because it has to include backwards compatibility for every kind of pdf since the dawn of time
  117. Luis Ascorbe Luis Ascorbe @Lascorbe - Hey Siri, open Xcode

    - I’m sorry Luis, I can’t go against the 1st law of robotics 49 5:58 PM - Jan 15, 2019 · Logroño, Spain 16 people are talking about this
  118. Justin Dolske Justin Dolske @dolske In the 1950s, Chrome was

    mainly used to illuminate your aluminum Christmas tree. (via en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminum_…) 31 5:32 PM - Dec 13, 2018 See Justin Dolske's other Tweets
  119. anton anton @atroyn Things that happen in Silicon Valley and

    also the Soviet Union: - waiting years to receive a car you ordered, to find that it's of poor workmanship and quality - promises of colonizing the solar system while you toil in drudgery day in, day out 53.6K 8:47 PM - Jul 5, 2018 19.8K people are talking about this
  120. Pinboard Pinboard @Pinboard For April Fool’s I like to remind

    everyone that the coding effort expended on Google pranks would have kept Google Reader alive indefinitely 2,784 6:33 PM - Apr 1, 2015 3,126 people are talking about this
  121. Lord Canceller Lord Canceller @MrAlAnderson 85 2:08 PM - May

    3, 2018 See Lord Canceller's other Tweets
  122. DHH DHH @dhh When you fall in love with your

    own reflection in the mirror, it's hard to imagine that beauty could look any other way. But it can. The world is full of people who made a dent – big or small – without performatively sleeping on the factory or committing security fraud by tweet. Elon Musk Elon Musk @elonmusk Replying to @elonmusk There are way easier places to work, but nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week 2,739 11:23 PM - Nov 26, 2018 659 people are talking about this
  123. Oliver Foggin Oliver Foggin @oliverfoggin Requirements for the next MacBook

    Pro if I’m going to buy it… No Touch Bar USB A A proper keyboard (not the butterfly switch shit they have at the moment). The option to have the max spec (with the above restrictions) That’s it. Not hard to achieve Apple. 12 9:44 AM - May 15, 2018 · Leeds, England See Oliver Foggin's other Tweets
  124. fabrice fabrice ファビリセ @fabricetdc How the hell a small ThinkPad

    can be cheaper, yet very well built, sturdy, upgradable, have more memory, be more powerful, have a replaceable very fast NVMe SSD, than a MacBook Pro, supposedly the pinnacle of notebooks? 1 8:19 AM - Jun 16, 2018 See fabrice ファビリセ's other Tweets
  125. DHH DHH @dhh For sure. I want to disabuse Apple

    about the idea that the 3rd- generation – latest and greatest! – design fixed the problems. It did not. They need to scrap the butterfly keyboard entirely. 53 7:54 PM - Apr 1, 2019 See DHH's other Tweets Kelly Vaughn Kelly Vaughn
  126. akosma akosma @akosma for 800 USD (2600 USD in today's

    money) in July 1980 you could buy the first laptop computer ever, from EPSON. 3 3:20 PM - Mar 17, 2019 See akosma's other Tweets
  127. M M @CoderMay Hey @tim_cook isn’t it time to ditch

    all the #plastic wraps on @apple products? Set a new #environmental standard. * Plastic to wrap the phone *in* a box. * Plastic to wrap the plug *in* a box. * Plastic to wrap the box itself. * Plastic to hold that box *in* another box. 21 9:29 AM - Oct 28, 2018
  128. Dmitri Sotnikov Dmitri Sotnikov ⚛ ⚛ @yogthos 4 7:46 PM

    - Feb 16, 2019 See Dmitri Sotnikov ⚛'s other Tweets
  129. Brandon West Brandon West @bwest Apple's new credit card should've

    been called Hypercard and anyone that disagrees is wrong 3,669 1:14 AM - Mar 26, 2019 847 people are talking about this
  130. Vlad Savov Vlad Savov @vladsavov Apple just launched a new

    status symbol. Titanium. Stripped of all markings. Patrick Bateman material. 293 5:39 PM - Mar 25, 2019 121 people are talking about this
  131. Brian Janosch Brian Janosch @BJanosch It’s illegal for Uber &

    Lyft to pickup at SFO’s arrivals level, so they pickup at departures. This has made congestion so bad, there’s now a sign encouraging drop-offs to go to arrivals. So now departures go to arrivals & arrivals go to departures because tech fixes everything. 33.7K 11:07 PM - Jun 3, 2018 8,820 people are talking about this
  132. Nathaniel Popper Nathaniel Popper @nathanielpopper We lost the $150 million

    in cryptocurrencies that we held for customers because our founder died and he was the only one with the passwords to the wallets. Welcome to the financial future! coindesk.com/quadriga-credi… 5,060 9:09 PM - Feb 1, 2019 3,571 people are talking about this QuadrigaCX Owes Customers $190 Million, Court Filing Shows - Coin QuadrigaCX Owes Customers $190 Million, Court Filing Shows - Coin… … “Quadriga’s inventory of cryptocurrency has become unavailable and … coindesk.com
  133. vinton g cerf vinton g cerf @vgcerf Simple flowchart: 32.3K

    4:49 PM - Jul 19, 2018 11.7K people are talking about this
  134. Pat Allan Pat Allan @pat “If your business accepts or

    uses bitcoin, stopping that is almost certainly the best thing you can do to reduce your company’s carbon emissions” @merxplat at #rubyconf_au - 205kg carbon dioxide per transaction! 2,841 5:54 AM - Feb 7, 2019 2,554 people are talking about this
  135. Christopher Flavelle Christopher Flavelle @cflav Apple predicts climate change will

    increase demand for iPhones, noting that they double as flashlights and sirens and can be charged by hand crank. bloom.bg/2R5u63R 1,167 6:34 PM - Jan 22, 2019 855 people are talking about this
  136. Santiago Lema Santiago Lema @blackjack75 People freaking out about Github

    acquisition by Microsoft... No worries this happened with Skype, Wunderlist and Nokia and... oh fuck. 29 10:14 PM - Jun 3, 2018 23 people are talking about this
  137. Rosa Golijan Rosa Golijan @rosa 7,100 10:56 PM - Apr

    20, 2019 2,621 people are talking about this
  138. De Programmatica Ipsum De Programmatica Ipsum @deprogipsum Our seventh issue

    is live! This month we talk about Work. In this rather depressing yet unabashedly hopeful edition we feature articles by guest authors @mcpaccard and @atineoSE deprogrammaticaipsum.com/category/issue… 2 5:06 AM - Apr 1, 2019 See De Programmatica Ipsum's other Tweets
  139. @wilshipley Twitter: Here’s service to chat with people Us: Help

    nazis here Twitter: Baseball videos! Can’t find those anywhere else. Us: No, death threats help Twitter: Moments! Like CNN but stupid! Us: Wat are you doing Twitter: Kanye’s birthday party! Kardashians! Whee! 24 11:19 PM - Jun 13, 2018 See 's other Tweets
  140. Scott Manley Scott Manley @DJSnM That was fast 701 5:59

    AM - Apr 24, 2019 44 people are talking about this
  141. Alex Alex @ABlannar *opens instagram* yep, everyone’s life is still

    better than mine *closes instagram* *opens twitter* ah yes my fellow trash brethren 178K 3:12 AM - Mar 22, 2019 53.4K people are talking about this
  142. Tom Brow Tom Brow @browgrammer At that scale, social influence

    becomes negligible and is dominated by the weak nuclear force 1 8:45 PM - Nov 12, 2018 See Tom Brow's other Tweets akosma akosma @akosma · Nov 12, 2018 Replying to @steipete if nanoinfluencers have less than 1000 followers, I guess picoinfluencers have less than 100, femtoinfluencers have less than 10, and when you open a new Twitter account you're a zeptoinfluencer until you have 1 follower, at which point you are an attoinfluencer.
  143. Fountain Bookstore Fountain Bookstore @FountainBkstore We had a lot of

    "showrooming" today: people taking pictures of books and buying them from #Amazon in the store and even bragging about it. This is not ok, people. Find it here. Buy it here. Keep us here. That is all. 50.1K 2:48 AM - Dec 16, 2018 11.8K people are talking about this
  144. Ethics in Bricks Ethics in Bricks @EthicsInBricks "Amazon will pay

    $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018."finance.yahoo.com/news/amazon-ta… 74 9:01 AM - Feb 19, 2019 53 people are talking about this
  145. Bree Newsome Bass Bree Newsome Bass @BreeNewsome Wealthy people don't

    have to work to earn their money. That's what makes them wealthy. Some of y'all get a two car garage and don't want to tax billionaires because you think you're closer to being a billionaire than being poor. But my salaried beloved....*peeks over glasses* 15.9K 6:02 PM - Apr 22, 2019 5,080 people are talking about this
  146. Eric G. E. Zuelow Eric G. E. Zuelow @EZuelow Time

    for the annual repost of this classic cartoon. #History #twitterstorians #cartoon 532 1:12 AM - Feb 19, 2019 254 people are talking about this
  147. Saikat Chakrabarti Saikat Chakrabarti @saikatc We knew climate change was

    happening in 1912! 68K 12:46 AM - Mar 30, 2019 21.5K people are talking about this
  148. Cat Swart Cat Swart @Jexx Welcome to Frustration Club. We're

    out of t-shirts, which is frustrating but it sticks to the theme. 5 1:08 AM - Dec 18, 2018 See Cat Swart's other Tweets
  149. Dr Sarah Taber Dr Sarah Taber @SarahTaber_bww The tech industry's

    figured out that software is pretty much tapped out. If they want to keep growing, they have to take over other sectors. This is what they say when they mean "software will eat the world." It sounds nicer than "*we* will eat the world." 849 11:57 PM - Mar 11, 2019 181 people are talking about this Dr Sarah Taber Dr Sarah Taber @SarahTaber_bww · Mar 11, 2019 Replying to @SarahTaber_bww I don't I've quite articulated why I'm so critical of the tech industry. Tech isn't just software anymore. They're coming for ag, food, & manufacturing- & they're bringing a negligent attitudes towards risk & safety that they learned in the cushy world of apps.
  150. my name is midori my name is midori @midorikocak As

    a software engineer, I lost all of my previous desires to work for big two, Facebook and Google. They have the same reputation of Philip Morris now for me and many people. #surveillancecapitalism @aral 89 7:52 PM - Jun 9, 2018 39 people are talking about this
  151. Sentius Magnus Sentius Magnus @drance I implore anyone with a

    conscience who still works at Facebook to aggressively seek other options. It's hard to walk away from the money/perks, and most of all, to admit that you were hoodwinked into thinking you were a part of something good or special. But it's long past time. 224 6:43 PM - Jan 30, 2019 115 people are talking about this Sentius Magnus Sentius Magnus @drance · Jan 30, 2019 I don't mention him often. But I can hear, in my head, Steve explaining the App Store and code signing in 2008 to a Mossberg or a Pogue with an example of a dishonest company trying to spy on your children. This situation is exactly why certificates exist. theverge.com/2019/1/30/1820… Apple blocks Facebook from running its internal iOS apps Apple blocks Facebook from running its internal iOS apps Facebook’s internal iOS apps simply don’t launch anymore. theverge.com
  152. Carole Cadwalladr Carole Cadwalladr @carolecadwalla Here’s inside story on what

    happened at #TED2019. Within minutes of revealing Facebook’s intimidation tactics onstage, I stepped off it to find Facebook had complained & demanded to see my script. Great credit to @TEDtalks & @TEDChris for standing firmtheguardian.com/uk-news/2019/a… 7,590 2:33 PM - Apr 22, 2019 3,654 people are talking about this My TED talk: how I took on the tech titans in their lair | Carole Cadwall My TED talk: how I took on the tech titans in their lair | Carole Cadwall… … For more than a year, the Observer writer has been probing a darknes… theguardian.com
  153. Aral Balkan (@[email protected]) Aral Balkan (@[email protected]) @aral Q. What should

    I use to protect myself from surveillance on a Chromebook? A. A hammer.#Privacy #SurveillanceCapitalism 32 9:01 AM - Jan 23, 2019 17 people are talking about this
  154. akosma akosma @akosma tanned skin used to be a sign

    of poverty at the end of the 19th, and a distinctive sign of rich people at the end of the 20th. smartphone addiction used to be a distinctive sign of rich people 10 years ago, but now it's a sign of poverty. accelerations.nytimes.com/2019/03/23/sun… 3 11:36 AM - Apr 1, 2019 See akosma's other Tweets Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good Screens used to be for the elite. Now avoiding them is a status symbol. nytimes.com
  155. Arthur Chu Arthur Chu @arthur_affect "Capitalism made your iPhone" No,

    LABOR made your iPhone. Labor makes things under any -ism. The -isms just determine who gets paid 8,556 4:22 AM - Apr 26, 2015 7,619 people are talking about this
  156. Charlie "Don't Surf" Owen Charlie "Don't Surf" Owen @sonniesedge Tech

    people. Stop allowing this kind of thing. Refuse to participate in the development of anything that doesn't have safeguards. Stop looking just at your code and start looking at what you're putting out into the real world. 25 7:35 AM - Mar 5, 2019 17 people are talking about this Charlie "Don't Surf" Owen Charlie "Don't Surf" Owen @sonniesedge · Mar 5, 2019 Replying to @sonniesedge And fuck me, there's going to be a whiny privileged white dev boy (because it's always is) saying that HE hasn't done anything and that HE is actually a good boy and doesn't discriminate. If you're that boy, shut up. Stop making it about you.
  157. Matt Cagle Matt Cagle @Matt_Cagle In a stunning op-ed, the

    CEO of facial recognition company Kairos argues that the technology’s bias and capacity for abuse make it too dangerous for govt use. Kairos will refuse to sell its technology to governments. Via @BrianBrackeen techcrunch.com/2018/06/25/fac… 4,254 5:03 PM - Jun 25, 2018 2,452 people are talking about this
  158. Kontra Kontra @counternotions Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad

    Smith on ethics in AI: “We don’t want to see a commercial race to the bottom. Law is needed.” (Nobody cares about ethics. There's no money in ethics. Ethics slows progress. Ethics kills jobs. Government is the problem.) 8 3:00 PM - Mar 5, 2019 See Kontra's other Tweets
  159. Mike Monteiro Mike Monteiro @monteiro Here’s a fun excerpt from

    my new book, which LAUNCHED TODAY. Read the excerpt, then buy the book! ruinedby.design/sample- chapter 213 2:49 PM - Apr 10, 2019 71 people are talking about this Sample Chapter — Ruined by Design Sample Chapter — Ruined by Design ruinedby.design
  160. Amir Sariaslan Amir Sariaslan @AmirSariaslan Best of Quora. 4,659 5:08

    PM - Mar 2, 2019 · Stockholm, Sweden 1,835 people are talking about this
  161. DHH DHH @dhh Maybe it’s time we need an algorithmic

    oath for programmers: I will program no harm by privacy theft, attention hoarding, radicalization optimization. I will not put engagement metrics above the humans they are extracted from. 3,325 4:31 PM - Feb 1, 2019 1,041 people are talking about this
  162. Ryan Nystrom Ryan Nystrom @_ryannystrom Love reading posts about navigation

    in iOS: coordinators, routers, presenters, and more. Some of these ideas are so cool! Then I remember we reached hundreds of millions of users with just -pushViewController:animated: Sometimes simple works. 764 9:07 PM - Apr 19, 2019 167 people are talking about this
  163. Marc Palmer Marc Palmer @marcpalmerdev Building iOS apps? Expensive right?

    This tweet saves you many $1000s: Don’t use custom fonts or sizes, Dynamic Type only Don’t create custom navigation Don’t create custom transitions unless it is pivotal to your product Accessibility is more important. Ego-free UX 1,867 2:25 PM - Feb 20, 2019 463 people are talking about this
  164. akosma akosma @akosma Alles wird von unten gehalten. Tudo é

    feito a partir de baixo. Alles wordt van onderen gehouden. Wszystko odbywa się od dołu. Tout est tenu d'en bas. Everything is held from below. Все держится снизу. Tutto è trattenuto dal basso. Todo se sostiene desde abajo. 1 2:38 PM - Feb 16, 2019 See akosma's other Tweets
  165. foone foone @Foone So think about your workload (and by

    "work" I don't just mean the 9-5 money-making sort of work). You have limits. And it's not a bad thing when you have to cut back, when you have to relax, when you have to take time to heal. 380 7:12 AM - Feb 13, 2019 27 people are talking about this foone foone @Foone · Feb 13, 2019 Replying to @Foone And it's the same thing with mental illnesses: You cope. You spend spoons on making up for the problems they cause. You may stay functional... but you are spending spoons. You don't have an unlimited budget.
  166. Erik Tjernlund Erik Tjernlund @tjernlund Kindness. It’s a very underrated

    quality in people. One that I recently have had the unfortunate experience to have to think a lot about. Be kind to others. It costs you nothing. 21 10:20 AM - Jul 13, 2018 See Erik Tjernlund's other Tweets
  167. Graham Lee Graham Lee @iwasleeg Finally got my VSCode setup

    the way I like it 62 9:19 AM - Mar 5, 2019 19 people are talking about this
  168. ABlannar alanferrier AmirSariaslan aral arthur_affect atroyn BalestraPatrick bascule bazscott berkun

    BJanosch blackjack75 bphogan BreeNewsome browgrammer brunoborges bwest Carnage4Life carolecadwalla cdesio cflav chaosprime CharlesFinch cheddar Chris_Townsend CoderMay counternotions cszhu cube_drone daisyowl dandouglas deadprogrammer deprogipsum dhh DJSnM dlpasco dmofengineering dolske drance dvIpr ericasadun eschaton EthicsInBricks etresoft EZuelow fabricetdc facundomr fernando_cejas firt Foone FountainBkstore frankpallotta frr149 funcOfJoe gjtorikian grmpyprogrammer hisham_hm hunterlurie iamdevloper iamrecruitr IanColdwater icanzilb iljawascoding ImmyKaur iwasleeg jaymeedwards jckarter jesseschell jessfraz jevakallio Jexx john_sipher juggularity jxhn KarlreMarks KenRoth Lascorbe laurenduca lemay lenadroid LisaDziuba LokiAstari Lorin lynncyrin MarciRobin marcpalmerdev markdalgleish MarsCuriosity marsrader MasteringVim matthew_d_green Matt_Cagle mccasal mcclure111 midorikocak mikeveerman missdoomcookie mitchellharper MMFlint mojavelinux monteiro MrAlAnderson Mr_DrinksOnMe nathanielpopper neiltyson netmanchris nicklockwood Nick_Craver niftierideology nixcraft oliverfoggin orj p01arst0rm pandareverse pardel pat Pinboard rabihalameddine rdutel reyner rolyperera rosa rws26 ryamidon sahouraxo saikatc sandofsky sarahjeong SarahTaber_bww sdarlington SebSab Sifuentes slava_pestov Solarus0 sonniesedge steipete stevesi SusannaChuck SwiftOnSecurity tblanchard ThePracticalDev thomasfuchs