ŁuczniczQA, Bydgoszcz meetup (PL): Mini-warsztat testera webowego

ŁuczniczQA, Bydgoszcz meetup (PL): Mini-warsztat testera webowego

Hereby I challenge myself to give the audience the startup knowledge about how to test web applications, how to deal with web browser and how to dive into browsers' devtools.
The main point of this presentation is to embolden the beginners to discover web solutions, to play with publicly available features and to break their uncertainty of playing with software.
Source: https://evenea.pl/imprezy/szkolenia/bydgoszcz/luczniczqa-meetup-2-warsztatowo-o-narzedziach-pomocnych-w-testach-webowych-199617/ and https://www.facebook.com/events/194935438031249/


Aleksandra Kornecka

July 24, 2018