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Testwarez 2018 conference: Decoding the quality in DevOps culture

Testwarez 2018 conference: Decoding the quality in DevOps culture


Up to 2017 and 2018 Puppet State of DevOps report, the quality comes from many factors, not only the technical ones, but also cultural, product and process. I would like to share the key findings I learn from reports and experience – on quality transformation founded by leadership, trust and agile practices implementation.

Some of issues to cover in discussion:

-What defines the DevOps culture?
-What quality factors REALLY matter on daily basis?
-How to assure the quality in DevOps culture environment?
-What metrics can be helpful in measuring performance?
-What types of tools supports the quality transformation?

Aleksandra Kornecka

November 15, 2018

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  1. Decoding the quality in DevOps culture Aleksandra Kornecka OLX Group

    / Girls Who Test / SJSI Testwarez conference 2018, Zakopane, Poland
  2. “DevOps” • culture • practices • metrics-based actions • tech

    world and business world cooperation • “new” role • CAMS: Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing
  3. What the „DevOps” means… for you? • people • processes

    • tools • relation with agile and scrum AND .. • relation with agile and scrum BUT .. • DevOps in waterfall possible? • must be in cloud infrastructure? • must be in Infrastructure as a Code approach?
  4. Who has a case study around that?:) “DevOps is an

    ongoing evolution, and there is no final destination.” Puppet’s company State of DevOps report 2018
  5. What is crucial for cultivating DevOps? • focus into deployments

    and production environment? • hunting the patterns of system behaviour? • normalizing, simplifying the tech stack focus? • cross-team knowledge sharing? • automating security configuration? • automating whole delivery chain? • permissions management? • configuration management? • ?
  6. Tooling examples • monitoring & alerting (New Relic?, DataDog?, Sentry?,

    …….) • logs (Kibana?, logz.io?, …?) • enterprise services by cloud vendors? (AWS, Microsoft, others?)
  7. Metrics examples • Mean Time To Recover for failing tests

    • Mean Time To Recover from system failure • Lead Time for Change • branch lifetime • deployments per hour • errors rates per component • ????
  8. Competences in DevOps world • technical skils? ◦ coding? ◦

    environments setup? ◦ infrastructure? ◦ architecture? ◦ ... • soft skills? ◦ negotations? ◦ patience? ◦ empathy? ◦ ...
  9. DevOps and SREs job offers DevOps: • https://www.praca.pl/devops-engineer_2176503.html SRE: •

    https://www.indeed.com/q-Site-Reliability-Engineer-jobs.html?vjk=f249 d7fa89d57b8d DevOps/SRE: • https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=c7896fbf415a78dd&tk=1csbm5ag 95199803&from=serp&vjs=3
  10. Thank you for participation! In this presentation are used parts

    from report “State of DevOps” 2017 and 2018 by Puppet and Splunk.