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Intro to AI4DEVS

Intro to AI4DEVS

This deck introduces AI4DEVS initiative to community builders and heroes



April 07, 2021


  1. AI4DEVS Internal — draft make AI accessible to everyone

  2. Who am I? Luca Bianchi AWS Hero, passionate about serverless

    and machine learning github.com/aletheia https://it.linkedin.com/in/lucabianchipavia https://speakerdeck.com/aletheia www.ai4devs.io @bianchiluca
  3. why is this relevant?

  4. I am a developer and a (to some extent) data

    scientist • during my PhD I struggled to learn deep learning the hard way • after many years, many data scientists are doing the exactly the same e ff ort to kickstart a new project to solve real-life problems • many developers refrain from adopting AI due to its step learning curve but.. • managed services o ff er a viable easy-to-user solution to many use cases • many machine learning models are available to be used as is
  5. “the future is here, but it’s not evenly distributed”

  6. let’s share it to everyone!

  7. AI4DEVS

  8. AI4DEVS a weekly newsletter focused on AI applications and a

    website targeted to • developers • technical decision makers • data scientists with passion for real-life applications checkout ai4devs.io website!
  9. AI4DEVS a new issue every Thursday morning (PDT) every issue,

    we focus on • top picks from the community with a blurb outlining why it is interesting (what’s in for a reader?) • vendor launches, lowering the learning curve to developers 
 (what can I use right now in my next project?) • ready to be used applications 
 (what are others doing?)
  10. we need you!!

  11. AI4DEVS how to contribute every issue, we focus on •

    subscribe and share ai4devs.io 
 newsletter • share your favourite links 
 http://bit.ly/ai4devs-submit • join github project as contributor and participate in crafting every new issue 
 (DM to me to be added)
  12. thank you.