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What is an online discussion?

What is an online discussion?

Presentation on Online Discussion: for online faculty of Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Alexandra M. Pickett

June 07, 2017

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  1. What is an online discussion?

  2. When is an online discussion NOT a discussion?

  3. Better…

  4. How do you design an online discussion?

  5. Thoughtful, Original, Relevant, Supported, Thinking, Insight, Engagement, Interaction, Reflect, Apply,

    Report, Explain, Defend, Refute, Question, Self-assess, Critique, Peer-evaluate, Summarize, Synthesize, Analyze, Create.
  6. content instructions rubric perplexity engagement   reflection   discussion prompt

    response response to response { •  Correc've  feedback   •  Clarifying  ques'ons   •  Probe  mispercep'ons   •  Facilitate  deeper  thinking   •  Guide  connec'ons   { response to response thinking and learning is visible apply,  report,  explain,  defend,   refute,  ques'on,  support/cite,   summarize,  synthesize,  and/ or  analyze   How to Design an Online Interaction 1. 3. 2. 4.
  7. Subject/Title   •  Synthesis   •  Advanced  Organizer   Post/Content/Reply/Response

      •  Asser'on  –  thinking  and  learning  is  made  visible.   •  Suppor'ng  evidence/cita'on.   •  Ends  with  a  ques'on  to  promote  further  engagement.   •  Is  your  post/comment  accurate?   •  Is  the  post/comment  relevant  to  the  issue  under   discussion?   •  Have  you  taught  us  anything  new  with  your  post/ comment?   •  Is  your  informa'on  supported,  i.e.,  properly  cited  and/or   documented?         Anatomy of a Discussion Post
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