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Rethinking BlaBlaCar's app architecture

Rethinking BlaBlaCar's app architecture

Growing an app and a team can be quite a challenge. BlaBlaCar’s app has been live for more than 3 years and the android team kept on growing. In this talk we will present our ideas for rethinking BlaBlaCar’s app architecture to lighten the app, isolate major components of our business and work with a team of ten on the same repository.

Alexandra Tritz

October 27, 2016

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  1. Rethinking our app

  2. Alexandra TRITZ Android dev - Monetize tribe France @LexouThirteen

  3. Pierrick CAEN Android dev -Trust tribe France @prcaen

  4. 100£ 25£ 25£ 25£ 100£ 25£

  5. We are in 22 countries

  6. Our growth Following massive adoption in France, BlaBlaCar has expanded

    in 22 countries: January 2009 December 2009 May 2012 October 2012 April 2013 Februar y 2014 September 2014 January 2015 March 2015 April 2015 December 2015 January 2016 First employee in France Launch in Spain Launch in Italy Launch in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Poland & Portugal Launch in Germany Launch in Ukraine & Russia Launch in Turkey Launch in India Launch in Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Serbia Launch in Mexico Launch in Brazil Launch in Czech Republic and Slovakia June 2011 Launch in UK
  7. 12 Android developers

  8. 8 teams

  9. One codebase

  10. Code legacy

  11. Increasing compilation time

  12. Hard to maintain

  13. What we’ve already done

  14. Revamp our UI

  15. None
  16. None
  17. + Retrofit 2 Rx

  18. Dagger 2

  19. None
  20. + HockeyApp Continuous deployment

  21. What about the future?

  22. Split all features into libraries

  23. None
  24. APP Ratings ID Check Search Offer a ride Payment ...

    Core API
  25. APP Ratings ID Check Search Offer a ride Payment ...

    Core API Trust Mobile Fundations Monetize Growth
  26. All tests in Kotlin

  27. Most components tested

  28. None
  29. Thanks! Follow us @BlaBlaCarTech