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Overview of JavaScript Applications Development Frameworks

Overview of JavaScript Applications Development Frameworks

Overview of JavaScript Applications Development Frameworks.

Reviewed pure jQuery app, Backbone.js and Knockout.js

Alexander Beletsky

May 18, 2012

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  1. What's inside ? • Pure jQuery development • MVC &

    MVVM architectural pattern • TodoMVC set of examples • Backbone.js and Knockout.js
  2. Pure jQuery Apps • jQuery DOM manipulation framework • Does

    not provide any app structure • No separate of concerns (data and presentation mixed together) • DOM used as data storage • Low maintability in long perspective
  3. Different client side JS development frameworks implements MVC differently. Addy

    Osmani introduces term MV* (MV star), to define the family of frameworks with common goal but different impementation strategy.
  4. Fast facts • Created by Jeremy Ashkenas • Library (not

    framework) • Minimalistic • Huge popularity • Used by large companies SoundCloud, Foursquare, E-conomic • Low dependencies • Template agnostic
  5. Fast facts • Created by Steve Sanderson • MVVM based

    • Declarative bindings • Automatic UI refresh • Templates • Promoted by Microsoft in ASP.NET MVC • No dependencies • Great documentation
  6. • Both Knockout.js and Backbone.js are powerful and complete •

    Knockout.js more opionated • Knockout.js more easy to start • Both are complex thought • Backbone.Sync model • Knockout UI updates