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How Martial Arts Made Me a Better Programmer

How Martial Arts Made Me a Better Programmer

Talk I gave at vienna.rb #25, focusing on how to implement the martial arts philosophy, learning process, and general practices to improve my programming skills.


June 11, 2015

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  1. How Martial Arts Made Me A Better Programmer Laura Gaetano

  2. The idea of Martial Arts paired with programming isn’t revolutionary

  3. కӂب Tae Kwon Do

  4. Introducing a martial arts concept & finding its programming counterpart

  5. Leave your worries at the door Tae Kwon Do

  6. To learn to focus, remove all distractions Programming

  7. If you can’t do it now, that’s okay. You will

    manage eventually. Tae Kwon Do
  8. Break the process down into smaller steps Programming

  9. Be a white page Tae Kwon Do

  10. Allow yourself to learn Programming

  11. The most basic moves can be the more difficult ones

    Tae Kwon Do
  12. There is always room to improve, and no task is

    beneath you Programming
  13. The power of muscle memory

  14. The force of habit

  15. Observation Reproduction Evaluation Creation

  16. Watch Try Improve Make it your own

  17. కӂب Tae Kwon Do

  18. ৘੄ Courtesy ৏஖ Integrity ੋղ Perseverance ӓӝ Self-control ߔ੺ࠛҷ Indomitable

  19. хࢎ೤פ׮ Thank you