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Contributing to & funding Open Source

Contributing to & funding Open Source

Talk given (pretty spontaneously) at Barcamp Salzburg (The Next Web) on April 9th, 2016.

With its source code made freely available, Open Source Software allows its users to become co-developers and have a say in the decision-making process. But what happens when those opinionated users are less diverse than we would like them to be? The tech industry has a diversity problem, and so does the Open Source community, with women making up a mere 11% of FLOSS contributors.
This is why the Open Source community needs you: In my talk I will explain what contributing to Open Source means, show examples of different contributions (social as well as technical) and introduce ways to get started. Hopefully by the end, I will have inspired you to go out there and find a project you’re passionate about — enough to want to improve it, and the Open Source community, one small contribution at a time.


April 09, 2016

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  1. Laura Gaetano @alicetragedy Artist, Web developer, Organiser, Open Source enthusiast

    Travis Foundation Rails Girls Summer of Code ROSSConf
  2. Contributing to & funding Open Source Software

  3. None
  4. What is Open Source Software?

  5. Why contributing?

  6. Why contributing? giving something back

  7. Why contributing? improving your skills

  8. Why contributing? growing your network

  9. Contributions

  10. Contributions Bug reports & fixes features requests feature implementations

  11. Contributions Writing tests Testing the code & giving feedback

  12. Writing documentation Contributions

  13. Contributions Translation

  14. Contributions Design

  15. Contributions Promoting the project

  16. Contributions Coach, teach, mentor

  17. Getting started

  18. Getting started @yourfirstpr

  19. Getting started OpenHatch.org

  20. Getting started contribute to a project which matters

  21. Getting started contribute to a project which matters to you

  22. Maintainers: Make your project accessible!

  23. Making your project accessible tag issues as “newcomer-friendly” on your

    bug tracker
  24. Making your project accessible provide set up and contributing information

    in your readme
  25. Making your project accessible add a code of conduct

  26. ROSSConf

  27. I love Open Source, but

  28. I love Open Source, but the community is not diverse

  29. I love Open Source, but the projects are underfunded

  30. Improving diversity in Open Source Software

  31. None
  32. Improving funding in Open Source Software

  33. None
  34. everybody is building software, but ignoring the tools we need

    to build it. Nadia Eghbal